Simple question my friends.... Cheech or Chong (poll)

Discussion in 'General' started by Elegant_Smoker, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Cheech or Chong? Personally I prefer chong I like his attitude and you can tell what a experienced and seasoned stoner seems like really really cool dude.
  2. Chong is my favorite. They're both funny as all hell, but I always liked Chong's skits way more then Cheech's. :hello:
  3. Chong. He's an American hero
  4. Well there both funny but chong has a hot wife so therefore he balls! So chong!
  5. Damn no cheeches yet chong is dominating this poll haha
  6. Cheech then. Chong now. So I'll have to go with the present.
  7. Chong seems like he'd be cooler to smoke a bowl with.
  8. he is my hero but he is also canadian
  9. ill be different. Cheech
  10. I've always liked Cheech better.
  11. Hell yeah man [ame=]YouTube - Tommy Chong SMOKES HERB ON LIVE TV! from SILLY BAG[/ame]

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