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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by brody15, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I woke up this morning with an acute penile erection, I really don't get the morning wood too often like I used to.
    I figured if anyone wanted a break from talking about the ufo that hit the twin towers or whether or not religious people are crazy, I figured you folks could speculate on why I got a morning boner today......

  2. Definitely a sign of terminal illness.
  3. Um. You're a guy
  4. Do you really need to ask us this? I thought sex-ed class wood have cleared that up.

    If not, google is your friend.

    Anywho, best explaination: You're a guy dude. It happens to all of us :laughing:
  5. You probably had to take a piss badly.
  6. sexy dreams anybody?

  7. The way the OP worded his post implies otherwise. He obviously wasn't feeling horny because there would be no point in making this thread if that were true.

    If you go to sleep without taking a piss for a long time, the urine will build up and your body will react by giving you a boner in order to prevent it from leaking out. If you haven't noticed, you can't take a piss with a hard dick. The path that your piss usually takes out of your body gets blocked off when you have an erection.
  8. You got raped.
  9. yeah this isnt normal

    go see a doctor
  10. I think all of you guys are right.
  11. Im drunk. Really drunk, and youre not making sense.

  12. Man, you really are drunk.
  13. You have penis cancer. You better hack it off before it spreads.
  14. Oh...dude they just found out that boners are directly connected to ball cancer. Better quit popping those
  15. LOL at the responses!! I think it means I need to have sexual relations. Or penis cancer.
  16. k I have had this problem many a time. here is how you fix it fast. You are gonna want to grab hold of it as tight as you can stand, now vigorously tug on it. there is a clog in the system that you will have to clear. this tugging motion should be repeated until the clog is clear, sometimes takes 2 mins sometimes five. once the clog is clear for the pipe your erection should subside and you can then begin your day, if your erection does not subside repeat the process.

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