simple question: 2 or 3 plants for scrog in a 2 ft x 2 ft tent?

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  1. i have 3 blimburn sedds mangos and my fear is that if i plant and scrog all 3 in my 2 ft x 2 ft tent it will be overwelmed and collapsed by bushes, do you think this could happen with this number of plants in this space?

  2. An odd number of plants isn't ideal in a square or rectangle area. Best for a 2x2 would be 2 nice sized plants in a scrog..veg them until the screen is almost completely filled up.
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    My area is 2x3 and I have 3 big plants and 2 small ones, its not a scrog but the big ones are lst'd to have an even canopy
  4. What kinda light are you using? I'd use a 7+ gallon pot and do one.
  5. ^ agreed 1 plant for a screened area that size. 4x4 with 4 plants veg'd 1 month was really tight and had to be pruned for air flow, topped, cropped and fim'd, just personal experience rather than opinion.

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