Simple outdoor harvest question, help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DevilRed, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. Okay guys, ive read so much stuff on harvest time for a outdoor grow and it seems most everything says......"when the hairs are 75% red harvest".

    So im thinking cool, sounds good. I went and harvested some.

    Well my buddy (who grows a good amount) told me its too early. He likes to wait a longer time until the plant is just covered in the crystals. Since those are the things you want.

    So im like, wtf?????

    Anyone care to fill me in? I harvested at about 75% red hairs and only a marginal amount of crystals on my plants.
    I thought if you wait too long its a harsh smoke or some shit?

    I also picked some a bit early, only about 30% red hairs. I was informed the plants were located and I wanted to save what I could. I guessed early was better than never. So that said......should it be an okay smoke?
  2. only the pistol was brown, the little hair. Not the bud pod or what its called. Some of the pods had hairs that were 100% brown and leaves starting to turn yellow. I figured harvest time.

    He said he would of waited another two weeks and let the thing get sticky more.

    Any help? Sorry no pic of this right now.
  3. well im just trying to get other peoples take on this.

    Granted he is a stoner and all, but thats not to say he is right, or wrong.

    I does seem good to let the plant get covered in crystals and all, but everything talks of the condition of the bud, and its little hair for harvest. Maybe ill go inbetween, and wait a little longer.

  4. id wait as long as i cud but if ur dopes gonna go walkies then id go get it now. it will smoke ok, might not b as couch lock as some, wud prob b a bit more of a headdy high,
  5. I say it all dependes on the high you want.
    if you want a happy high then pick 50/75% brown hair.[more THC}
    if you want a stoded downer then pick 75/100% brown hair.[more CDB}
  6. Well these were some some outdoor plants that I didn't see weekly, so my guess as to flower time could be off. But like I said, the little white hairs were just turning brown on this batch.

    Now I did pick some white widow (seeded) that the hairs were 100% brown, but it was not super white with crystals???? Have not smoked this bunch? You guys think it should be good to go still even though its not super white?
  7. get your self a magnifying glass and look at the tricombs if any of them have started to turn amberish in color chop them. I like to chop mine when the tricombs are just clearing up

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