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  1. Hey guys, till tonight i had my babies under 104 watts of "daylight" cfl's on 24/0. (not sure how old they are) my question is would it be beneficial to go ahead and let em soak up my 400 watt HPS instead? if i do this i play on going more like 18/6 and also if i decide to stick with my 400 watt room i could transplant into something much bigger. any thoughts on this?:smoke:

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  2. I'd go with the HPS, personally.
  3. im also thinking HPS. an additional benefit to me using the HPS is it makes room for new plants in my veg cab. ill have sorta a perpetual grow goin on:cool:
  4. i start with 400 whps and finish with it
  5. i have a digital ballast.. i really wish i had a MH bulb cause my ballast is convertable
  6. Anyone else with any input? Iv had some tell me the cfls would be better but I wanna know why
  7. The cfl's would not be better if you can deal with the heat from the HPS. HPS gives out a way better spectrum (depending on your bulb) and much more lumens. IMO.
  8. 400 or a 600W HPS would do you well my friend
  9. HPS is a red spectrum bulb which is primarily for flowering. Cfls have a much better spectrum for veg but that's only one of the few pros compared to hps. My temps with the hps are around 85. I wanna transplant to something else so I can grow some trees now that I have a lot more space
  10. temps are hittin 88 now
  11. only gonna bump this once more because im bout to be out of town for about 3 days and im really stressin on which box to use. my HPS room gets up to 90 too about 85... i plan on leavin them in that. i think their old enough to handle the stress. i even tried freezing a big tub of water and lettin it sit in their but didnt make h a difference at all
  12. HPS IS more common with flowering, but they can be used from seed to harvest. It just induces a different type of growth, I think the kind that makes it 'bush out' more.

    If you can handle the temps, definitely go with the HPS.
  13. hps all the way
  14. well im hoping 90 degrees is okay cause thats what im goin with, they dont seem to mind it all that much.

  15. it wont hurt them man.
  16. My temps have been pretty high in my autoflower tent...they all look really small compared to my other plants. Maybe I just don't have enough light? I have a 3.5x3.5 tent with a 600w hps, and the temps usually get up to around 84-86 during the day.
  17. Autoflowers usually stay pretty small though. Does/can heat stunt growth??
  18. Yes heat can stunt growth, but its not a critical issue, ultimately, you want to exchange fresh air and exhaust the stale hot air but this is not always achievable.

    I have grown dank quality healthy weed from a closet with no intake or outake with a 400w HPS and 3 fans. you work with what you got.
  19. sounds just like my grow lol, i found that my fans make it hotter though?? cant figure out why lmao

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