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    Hey blades,

    I've been thinking about a way to build a simple small inline filter. It doesn't need too be perfectly effective, more just to take most of the smell of 1 plant with CFLs in a cab away. I've thought maybe I could make one by capping a piece of PVC pipe then putting mesh over the end, activated carbon and more mesh ontop of that. The end caps would have holes cut and duct flanges attached. I've attached a pretty rough diagram of what I'm thinking. Is there any reason why this couldn't work?

    Edit: I'm considering a S&P TD-100

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  2. c'mon guys surely somebody knows something about this?
  3. Thanks! I'd looked at that before but never noticed it could be used inline haha
  4. Grab a pair of pantyhose, cut of 18" section, tie one end, fill the other end with 2 cups of 4mm (1/4") carbon, from pet fish shop ...tie the end and jam to your extract vent, replace every grow.....simple!!!

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