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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SurrSmokeALot, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I just decided that I want to start growing my own herb in my house, not too big maybe 2 or 3 plants to maybe smoke a little and sell a bit. However, I lack the knowledge needed to set up. Any suggestions on how I can start a simple, inexpensive grow house???
  2. Read the stickies here on the website or invest in some good books by authors such as Jorge Cervantes or Greg Green.
  3. Everything you need to know is here on Grasscity. Checkout the MicroGrow section also you might get some ideas.

  4. dont start growing until you read for ATLEAST 3-4 weeks legit... if you start within 1 week they will go to shit... take some time in it and i guranteee you that it will pay off..

    i read for 2 months before i started growing now i have 3 6 foot plants by 4 foot wide about to start flowring and looking at about halfo pound to a pound each....

    do resarch budddy look foward to seeing pics of your grow if you post any :smoke:
  5. 2-3 plants = personal. you really will not have enough left over to sling

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