Simple Green is the greatest shit ever

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    Ok, so before I discovered SG I used to always use iso + salt. Now this combo works pretty well, but it takes a LOT of work (shaking it around and stuff).

    Well last night I decided to put some SG to the test. I put 3 slides and a downstem in one container filled with SG, and then I filled my new Weed Star dub bubbler 2.0 with SG. Let it all sit until 10am this morning and everything was 100% CRYSTAL CLEAR! But it wasn't just a normal crystal clear, it was that brand new crystal clear. Shit looked so fresh and clean that it could've been directly off the store shelves.

    Here is a pic of one of the slides (note: this is exactly how it came out, didn't run water on it or anything) Notice how it's extremely clear and almost sparkly, as if it were brand new:


    Before I put it in the SG it was almost completely black. Also, it used to have the ugly cursive Weed Star logo - luckily the SG took that off too! Here's a pic before:


    And here are the pics of the other stuff soaking in the SG:



    Anyways, I've also been using SG to get some of the shitty Weed Star labels off my gear. The downstem had a really nasty, ugly BLUE Weed Star label that I've gotten mostly off. Once I get home from work the rest of it should rub right off.

    Just wanted to let you guys know that SG is by far the easiest, cheapest, and most cost effective way to keep your shit clean. No mixing/rubbing/shaking involved - just let your shit sit in it overnight and it'll be 100% crystal clear/clean in the morning! BEST OF ALL, you can re-use it. Speaking of, anyone know how many times I should use this stuff before getting a new bottle? I've used it to clean 2 pieces so far, thinking I could get probably 10 uses out of it before I need to get a new supply.
  2. yeh i need to get some of that but can't seem to find it anywhere....does canada even sell it?
  3. Does SG make all glass labels rub off? I would hate to soak my Toro or SG in it and have the label chipped or rubbed off.

    I've been using Grunge Off forever now, never had a problem except it gets fuckin expensive. SG is much cheaper, but those labels coming off worry me.
  4. I've never tried Simple Green for pieces, but I do use it for damn near everything else (kitchen, bathroom, windows, carpet, linoleum, laundry, you name it. :p).
    I'll have to try it out next time a piece needs cleaning. :smoking:
  5. yeh this 2 i wanna get my self a "high end" piece soon (SGW or Toro) have no clue yet but i wanna use Simple Green but cant find it and the label thing is scary shit haha.
  6. well normally you just fill a tube w/ it, so its not sitting in contact w/ sg for as long as would be needed to have labels come off, the sg in on the inside not sitting in it the way he has it for the bub
  7. I have been using it regularly for the last 2 months and its awesome.

    Works like a charm, and is cheap as could be.

  8. and is reusable if you strain it (or don't strain it, but it just has ash floating around)

  9. I have reused it when my piece isnt that dirty. If its too dirty I will toss it.
  10. Pics of the logo removal!
  11. yeah, i clean my pieces after every sesh (at least tubes), so it just goes in...sits for about 2 minutes, pours back into the jug, rinse with water and it's better than new again
  12. The sell them in canada, look at Canadian Tire. I bought a 3.79 litre jug there for $15.

    Good shit, but the labels thing worries me too. Can anyone clarify what exactly is at risk?
  13. There really isn't a rish at all. As long as you're cleaning the part of the piece that you'd realistically only be cleaning (the internals), then you have nothing to worry about. You just fill the piece with SG and it will break down the resin inside. If you fill a bucket and soak the entire piece, then yes, it is likely to take the label right off. That's something I'd do if I had a W* piece like this, but when it comes to anything high-end you'd only want to fill the inside of the tube.
  14. I LOL'd when I saw this thread after your last SG thread.

    I hope you rinsed those before use. The SG can be reused until it stops cleaning[as well ].
  15. Heh, Simple Green to clean pieces? Never thought of that. I paint miniatures so I use it to strip miniatures, takes of acrylic paint like a dream so no surprise it cleans glass.

    Makes me feel sorta dumb not thinking of it. Thanks for posting this thread OP.

    Walmart sells simple green cheap as hell.

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