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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 2Packed, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Hi, I have a simple flowerering question -

    Does the plant need 12/12 just to start the flowering or 12/12 the whole way through the flowering stage?

    I am asking this because my plant it outside, it was been 12/12 days up until lately now it is more like 13/11.

  2. Now is not the time for flowering an outdoor plant. As the days get longer this keeps it in veg. One June 21, the days will start to get shorter and after a while, they will be triggered into flower and then ripen.

  3. But if the little white "v's" have started growing and the plant has really started smelling doesn't this mean that it is starting to flower?

    This plant was an experiment and it was planted last September (3 or 4 motnhs before I even discovered the forums!)
  4. seams like your plant's preflowering. wouldn't worry too much about it, it should probably kick back into veg as the days get longer and flower once they start getting shorter again

  5. Ok, thanks for the info.
  6. i started several plants...4 outside and 6 inside...suprisingly they r all doing well...and i noticed that my inside greens r sprouting a few white hairs...and the outside ones have started developing a cluster of what looks like baby seeds...not really sure what im looking at...ill have to get some pictures on here so ill have some visual aids for my posts....

    can anyone tell me what it is that im looking at with both sets of plants...does this mean that my greens r flowering...and what in the heck is the cluster of seeds...or what looks like seeds...?

    sorry for my silly questions...this is my first time..and i never expected to get this far...but im SOOOO im scrambling to get this right...and learn as much as i can....

    any info u guys can give me...would be awesome...
    iv been reading all the newbie posts and info....and that helps a lot...thanks everyone....

    keep'em tokin guys!:smoke:


  7. Hey, the "little baby seeds" that you refer to are most likely what are known as "balls" which means that your plants with these are males and will therefore not produce you and smokable bud. If you leave these plants around female plant they will ruin the female plants also.

    To put it simply -

    Balls = Male Plant (Useless)
    Hairs = Female Plant (Mmm...weed)

    Peace out.
  8. ruin ???? not produce any smokeable bud???
    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

  9. Yes, correct me if I am wrong but a male plant will not produce anything smokable (unless you make hash), no buds on a male.

    If you leave a male around a female it will pollinate the female and it have loads of seeds in the bud n shit...
  10. thanks for the i VERY new at this....and so im still learning the little lessons....

    so should i pull the entire plant up from the roots? this breaks my heart...cuz iv seen them all grow from little

    anyhow...i know it needs to be done....just one more do i know ... for sure that its there anything else that will tell me...besides its..."balls" great by the way...

    and when does it become absolutely important to get the males out of there...

    i had heard that male plants will "infect" the females to where they wont produce...i just didnt know the details....after all...i dont know many woman that get into growing...wish i did...but this chick is out on her own....

    THanks again boys!!!!
  11. heyy. glad to see a girl growin!! hope everything goes well. first off. unless you want to try your hand at cooking with weed/ making bubble hash, pull the male. if it looks like little seeds and has no white hairs then its a male. trust me i know its hard, it breaks my heart every time i have to do it, i had to do it tonight LOL. but you gotta pull it if you want some good bud. hope some of this helps, PM me if you need anything. id be more than gald to help where i can.
    Just Blaze It......
  12. anyway---if you need a sure fire way to tell wait.......if those little balls open into a little white or yellow flower and drop dust .... it's pollen ... not a can only get SEEDS from a :smoking:
  13. Hey creatorv20 - you aren't on your own. Another girl grower here.

    The 'boys' are right - gotta pull those males. I'm flowering my babes now and am watching for sex now. Hoping and praying for no balls! Gotta love the ladies! lol

    I'm a newb too - I read tons and tons and tons and then came up with my own grow box solution and best way to do things for my growing situation. This site rocks for that. I'd like to brag and post pics of my masterpieces, but I'm still a bit paranoid to post pics.

    Good luck with your grow and keep us posted!
  14. 2Packed if you want to flower your plants now (if you think they're big enough) you could probably flower them outside if you can cover them up with a black trash bag or something similar for the 12 hour dark period. sounds like they've been growing a long time. I'd be pretty impatient and ready to start flowering :p

  15. Ok, thanks for the info.
  16. wow...thank god for other ladies out there...we gotta stick together..if u need anything...message love to converse with another woman...dont get me be lost if it werent for the boys on here...but...u

    and as for the pulling the i do...damn it...dont u make canabutter from male plants? and if so..then is it ok to keep him...hes just so ill do what i gotta do...but is it safe...if its planted about 2 to 3 ft from my 2 females? or is it just a horrible thing altogether...and it pretty much impossible to keep the bugs off my plants when they r planted outside? not really sure what to do about it...i have a hard enough time keeping the lawnmower clearly away from thought of putting a bug killer on them....scares me out of my mind...

    please help..

    on a little side note...made my first gravity bong in 7 yrs...and about to smoke...wish me

    toke toke everyone...:smoke:
  17. I currently have a fruit fly problem. I've read that the most organic way to get rid of bugs that get infested in the soil is to use 'Beneficial Nematodes' ( can't find a nursery around here that sells them though. I looked online and they are a little more expensive than I was hoping.

    Up until now I had been using just a spray, but it isn't working. So I'm going to look for a chemical called 'Pyrethrum' which is supposedly organic and safe to mammals.

    I also think we should start a different thread creatorv20, because I'm afraid we've hijacked this thread. I'm just a newb, but I think hijacking a thread isn't good?:eek:
  18. jinks...come on babe...lets go start our own...ur rite...sorry for the impolite invasion....

    u lead the way woman...and i shall follow...

    on a secondary note...way to do ur research on the bug subject....but we can talk about that later

    toke toke....:smoke:

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