Simple, Expandable Mini-Me Flood Drain

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    Been experimenting for 4+ years developing various hydro systems
    In the end I went back to my roots- F & D to develop a mini-system that is both inexpensive AND easily expandable
    ~ 5 gallon storage totes (@~ $7)
    bulkhead fittings (~ $3 from boat supply)
    elbows, Ts etc
    ~ 160 gph submersible pump <$15
    Deep Cycle timer ~ $30
    The length of on time is a actor of tote size
    4-6" net pots
    Polished ornamental stones from Dollar Store
    ~ 3 gallon Kitty Liter bucket (or similar)
    Lighting is also a consideration
    Amare Tech Solar Spec LED panels are designed specifically for mj, and come in 100/150/260 w panels. Each panel has separate o/o switches for veg and flower PLUS piggyback electric, to run multiple panels from one socket
    Plants are ~ 5 weeks from seed.
    Stop by my thread to see it in action


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  2. I separated the Indicas (Blueberry Cheesecake- BBCC) from the sats (Big Mexican)
    3 BMs stayed in the 2 x SS 150 tent, while the 3 BBCC were moved to the SS 260
    This allows for unique adjustments to both light schedule and nutrient strength
  3. I may need to shut this down
    Bad title
    How about How to Maximize a 2 x 2  Closet
  4. Just in case someone is lurking...
    About every 10-14 days my totes need to be cleaned as they are exposed to light and the roots tned to grow and stay wet near the bottom, so algae develops
    No big deal to take plants out as each has it's own net pot
    Then simply pull 1/2" tube off the bulkhead
    Remove tote to sink and clean with bleach
    Rinse and reinsert
  5. Is there an overflow tube on those trays?
  6. Very nice set-up..i could not any information on the lights.. but seeing is believing in my book . outstanding

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