Simple Effective DIY Pot/Pan Vape

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  1. Before going any further, the most difficult thing you'll need for this to work, is a pot with a lid that has a steam hole, such as this one:
    Other than that, the rest of the supplies are pretty basic.
    Here it is:
    Total items needed:
    • Small pot with lid that has steam hole
    • Herb
    • Little piece of foil
    • Toilet paper roll
    • Flashlight (not necessary)

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    i guess that works... i don't think it would be vary effective but hell im sure i would try it if i had no other way of smoking/vaping
    er also
    is the correct section
  3. If by foil you mean aluminum foil then this is a terrible vape. Innovation is a great thing when executed properly. Not when there a chance of inhaling dangerous things that can cause Alzheimer's
  4. Couldn't get hot enough to release anything even if it did.
  5. I tried everything and I had to go with a pen called atmos. I noticed it can be used for herbs and wax. Vaping flower from it makes it taste like burnt popcorn yuk! Im now doing the vape pens from it seems to be the best so far. I think if ou tried it all, the safest is just buy the preloaded vape pens like vapen.

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