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simple edibles?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Grass&Glass420, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. So i still live with my unapproving parents and smoking in my room is inconvenient and i just feel like theyre gonna smell it, so my question is there any simple edibles that dont need cooking. Like with lemon juice, could i just soak some bud in it then have some lemon water. Also i tried the non cooked peanut butter method--it was a bust. So if you no of any non cooked easy edibles or anything that makes thc edible than lemme know. Thanks.
  2. Probably your best bet would be to do a big batch of green dragon, and even for that you need to toast the bud.

    The bottom line is heat is needed to decarboxylate the THC into THCA, if you just eat some cold pot or pot in anything that hasn't been heated your just gonna get a stomach ache
  3. just this weekend i made firecrackers and they turned out great. took an hour to kick in but jesus did they ever kick in.

    ghram cracker with PB on it. put like .7 g on it. take another cracker with some PB and make a sandwich. let it soak in.
    Supposedly you can just soak bud in PB and after like 3 days you'll be good to go.
    Anyway after I made the sandwich i let it sit for an hour or 2 before i wrapped them in foil and put them in the oven for like 30 min at 330. it didnt smell like anything but peanuts and crackers. GL to ya.

    oh also you can put bud in melted butter and let it sit them use that to cook with. but ive never tried it.

  4. Really, the non-cooked method was a bust?

    How long did you let it sit before trying to eat it?
  5. Me and my friend put like 3 grinded gs in a third of a peanut butter jar and let it sit for like 3 days, ate it all at once and nothing happend.

    Also does anyone know about the lemon juice thing like in this recipe:Grassy Knoll Guacamole - The Stoner's Cookbook
  6. if you do the non cooked method, you need to let it sit out for atleast 5 days
  7. or u could smoke it.. lol just kidding, yeah 5 maybe 6 to b safe if your letting it sit out
  8. Make a big batch of this when your parents are out, it'll mainly just smell like peanut butter and will be gone about 30 mins after you make it. You could make like a whole jar of PB with an ounce in it and store it in your room and save for later :D


    (if you really do decide to make a huge batch you might want to cook it for 30-32 minutes just to be safe) ;)

  9. I just made a big batch (about 4oz) of GD and its fantastic ;) I used to heat method and ended up cooking it for about an hour and a half to get as much potency as I could... In its current form, 2mg is good symptomatic relief for me (and 4 really fucks you up lol :)
  10. Quick tip to cover up the smell cook some pop corn after or even "accidenty" burn the popcorn
  11. Invest in a magic flight launch box. It is a portable vaporizer that has basically no smell if used right. I use it in my room all the time and my parents never found out. They don't even know i drink let alone smoke.

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