Simple downstem change, much different hit feel

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  1. So this is my now month old Blue Dot Glass piece I picked up from my local head shop.[​IMG]

    I really love this piece, it's thick, has a 10-armed tree perc, ice catcher, low drag and a dope custom bowl.

    Now the downstem it came with looks a lot like the top one

    The other day I broke my buddies bong but he let me salvage the parts and I walked out with a downstem that looks a lot more like this with 3 slits on each side

    So my buddies and I are burnin with my bong and I say why not try this other down stem I have and see if there's a difference. Turns out there is HUGE difference. I fucking love this new downstem, it has really changed the entire way my bong feels. Had no idea a simple down stem piece could affect the quality so much.

    Just wondering if there is a specific reason why the second piece feels so superior?
  2. Hey- good read and post dude!

    Yeah downstem changes alot- I have a a 18mm Roor gridded- and a worked yellow/black straight downstem- ENTIRELY different hits.

    The roor chops up nice smooth milky hits- where the worked straight stem CHUGS in big chunky pulls which saw right through the burnin bowl!
  3. Do you have pics of that gridded roor downstem? I wanna see that.

    @op its awesome how much it makes a difference. Showerhead downstems make it even smoother. There are also gridded and multi arm downstems that do a really good job too.
  4. I think because it has less diffusion and more chug. I was the same way untill i upgraded to scientific.
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    well now you know the magic of a downstem....


    look at these downstems:
  6. @treezpleez What is that sticking out of your bowl? a joint? lol

  7. Aha yea sometimes if we get bored we put a joint inside of a bowl and top it with keif. Works like a roach rocket and then lights the bowl when it gets to the end. Fun change of pace :smoke:
  8. Haha nice, I thought me and my friends were the only ones that did that.

  9. check my glass collection thread

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