simple cure for cancer found, but cant be patented

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  1. theres videos on youtube from four years ago showing this info
  2. Cancer will never be cured, it's the mutation of cells. In 100 years from now the spanish cold could be the most deadly decease on the planet. Genetically, diseases will keep adapting and mutating against what we use to prevent them.
  3. People give billions of dollars to cancer research charities every year. If this medicine is so promising, I'm surprised that the well-funded non-profit research teams haven't taken an interest in it.
  4. 30 years from now we will have nanobot medical technology which will seek out and eliminate harmful pathogens.
  5. I've heard about this before.

    Reason they don't use it is because it can't be patented and can't make generic versions of it.

    No patent = no profit = no cancer cure.

    fuck this world.
  6. Medicine and politics are not nearly as separate as some might think...

    The quality of your health is not proportionate to the amount of money you spend on your health care. Medicine should be free, only a greedy fuck would try to call something "his own" and make other people pay for using it.

    Nature might as well sue mankind for copyright violations :rolleyes:
  7. Why is medicine different from food, clothing, housing, and electricity? It can't be free because it costs time and money (a lot of money) to create.
  8. no the reason it isn't being used is because it hasn't been tested.

    FAQs - DCA Research Information

    if you want it to happen then donate money to them and it will. Everyone is quick to blaim the idea of making money on not getting a cure to something but no one ever wants to also point out that most people don't donate money to non-profit groups that would bring it to market for free. So until every one of you that complained about how evil they are starts donating your money to all the non-profit groups that are doing the research you are all also part of the problem too.

    I know it will come out, if not now then later in the future. I can wait and I don't think people are evil just because they want to make money to make their life more comfortable. It's easy to point the blaim finger, not so much to do something about it.
  9. On the grand scale of human history, medicine is not expensive to create. It grows from this planet. Only in the past several hundred years have we begun transitioning into sterile laboratories, so we can isolate specific compounds, make subtle molecular changes that really have little to no effect on the efficacy of the medicine, then patent and force it down the throats of the entire world. Pharmaceutical corporations are multi-national; even GlaxoSmithKline is based in the UK, and it's largest consumer of anti-depressants is the United States, so it goes to show you they have an international market in mind.

    That being said, it's culturally taboo for us to think about how plants can be medicine - yet for thousands of years, our ancestors managed to stay alive using plants, so what has changed since that? Are we somehow incompatible with free, powerful medicine?

    And I'm not just spewing anti-pharmaceutical hippy crap here because I'm a stoner, there are plenty of examples of natural medicines that are far more effective than their synthetic counterparts. I'm sure the fact that you're on a stoner forum is a testament to your willingness to open up to/ understanding of, how powerful plants can be in terms of their healing capacities ;)
  10. And on top of that, there's supply and demand.

    If someone's willing to pay $15 for a pill to make their pain go away, guess how much the company's going to charge?

    Take a wiiiiiiild guess.
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    How about the average life span more than doubling from ~35 to 80 years? I suppose modern medicine has had nothing to do with that since medications just makes "subtle molecular changes that really have little to no effect on the efficacy of the medicine"....

    EDIT: DCA is a synthetic compound too...nothing natural about it.
  12. They didn't "cure" cancer at all. This compound is a POTENTIAL cure, not a cure. This doesn't stop, however, every media site on earth from stating that a "cure" is being held back.
  13. It's been repeatedly shown to dramatically reduce or completely remove tumors I believe..
  14. in the 10-100 cases it's been tested in.

    You trying to kill someone?

    Asshats, follow the rules.
  16. Okay, you can wait. I guess that means you aren't currently facing a soon-to-be-terminal cancer.
    Also, money is the root of all evil, or so I've heard.
    Some of the things people do " just because they want to make money to make their life more comfortable" are pretty evil. They do not get a pass on that from me.

  17. What are you basing this on exactly? Because you are wrong.

    DCA is not a cure for cancer. It is a cytotoxic compound, that means that it will kill cells, cancer cells included. Will it cure cancer? Will it be therapeutically useful? Probably not. Has it shown neurotoxicity and spermatotoxicity in animal subjects? Yes. Do drugs get picked up for development when they fail in animal toxicity studies... not usually. Chemotherapy drugs are inherently toxic, but DCA is too toxic to be useful. Could other drugs that target a similar pathway be useful? Of course. However, it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to develop drugs and the hit rate of a drug that works is incredibly low, which is why drug companies have an oligopoly (high barriers to entry).

    Please, learn to separate economics from science. There is a market for drugs, but there is a lot of incredible work done by drug companies for the good of your health.

    There is a common misconception that scientists are all in the pockets of Pfizer, GSK, etc. But in actual fact that is not the case. These people devote their lives to saving others, and have extended the life expectancy of humans, for better or worse. Curing cancer is not going to ever be the discovery of a simple compound like DCA. Cancer in itself is complex, highly variable and incredibly insidious. There are some drugs that work well on people, and others that dont. It won't ever come down to a perfect cure that no one wants to develop for a lack of patent opportunity, I can promise you that.
  18. It was canadiens that discovered it that's why. Lol jk but in all reality it is a dangerous thing messing around with that and besides not all cell mutation ( cancer is a form of it) is bad little mutations are responsible for genetic variation which is one reason why we have evolved and unless someone here is very knowledgable in DNA and that area I don't think you get that good of an answer
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    Ummm, because it CAN'T be patened...
  20. DCA is an odourless, colourless, inexpensive, relatively non-toxic, small molecule. And researchers at the University of Alberta believe it may soon be used as an effective treatment for many forms of cancer.

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