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    Perhaps you have noticed a reoccurring theme with my "Simple" tutorials. Well here is yet another Simple Guide that will show anyone how to have extreme success rates for cloning. Cloning is not hard and a great way to preserve your favorite plant. This is posted in hydro section because I grow hydro DWC but this cloning method can be used with any grow method in which one would use a cube.

    Here's what you will need:

    1) Rockwool cube or seed starting medium. Cubes are preferred because they sit flat.
    2) Clean razor or blade
    3) Ziplock bag
    4) Cloning Gel (optional)
    5) Root Stock (optional)

    Here is what I saw on the package of my rockwool:
    It's hard to see but in the first pic they show you putting a clone in a zip lock bag. I thought this can't be as simple as that could it? I have been using bubble cloners etc and just was too much upkeep on water, pH etc...

    So I tried it and it was a dream. So to "Simplify" it even more here is what you do:

    1) Soak cube in pH'd water and light nute or root stock solution to 5.6-6.1 (5.8 is best)

    2) Find a good spot to cut a clone. You can take a clone from anywhere on the plant but try to leave yourself a good 1 to 1.5 inch of stem. Here is a picture of what this would look like:

    Now when you cut the clone off, you will want to make another cut just above where you cut off from the branch. The point of this is to slice at an angle like so:


    This angle will allow the clone to have a better success rate for rooting. At this point if you have cloning gel you can dip the clone in the gel.

    3) Stick the clone in the pre-soaked cube. Cut any large leaf half way. (this encourages the uptake of water through the root site.) It also prevents the large leaves from yellowing and dieing off.

    4) Place cubes in ziplock. Some people will blow air into the bag to puff it out (optional and preferred). There is no need to mist or spray anything or have any excess water in the bag. It should look like mine here (my only original pic to this thread fyi). This is 2 days after cut... look at how green and perky they are oooh la la! Keep them in low light until they root!


    Once they root transplant to net pot/soil/coco/etc... It's important to note that it can take 4-21 days to root depending on several factors. But if you followed this guide and took your cuts from a healthy mature plant in the vegetative state it general takes 4-7 days; 10-14 at most. Don't count anything out till it's dead, and remove dead leaves if/as they die off to prevent mold growth.

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    5 days from cut:


    It does not get much simpler than this. A lot of people make elaborate cloning buckets that take up time, space, and resources to get clones to root as fast as possible. This keeps the results without the work and best of all... ANYONE CAN DO IT :yay:

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  3. I'm going to ditch the small bubble cloner I was gonna make tomorrow and try this its stupid simple and obviously works!
  4. You won't be disappointed. I just place the baggies on the floor of my tent in the shaded parts (you can see that in the first pic of mine as there are some chillin in the background).
  5. Cool, im flowering in mine right now so I may just set the bag in my bedroom, love the fact that its portable, the bubbler I was goin for most definitely was not portable lol.
  6. Ive been helping tons of people lately. Theyre even emailing me now :) I guess I have to make a bulletproof thread like this one of these days to get some rep :D Dont know why I want it so much :)
  7. Do you use DI or tap water?
  8. I use RO water.
  9. Do you think that coco fiber and vermiculite would be a decent cloning medium? I think I have peat pellets somewhere too. I want to take a clone of my bag seed plant, and see if its a boy or girl. The plant is so damn healthy, I really hope it's a she!
  10. Are you thinking like putting a mixture of that in a baggie and trying this method? I would think it would work the same but only one way to know for sure :D

    Give it a try and let us know. However if you wanted to be sure I'd go to a garden section of your nearest store and look for some seed starting type sponges and use those.

  11. Hey thanks for the reply, I may try with what I have around the house first, see if that works. I like to experiment too. If that fails, Ace Hardware aint far, and they actually have a bunch of propogating stuff. I will post my results regardless. Thanks for the help!!
  12. So my medium is coco fiber mixed in with bonsai potting soil. And I used some rooting hormone. I watered the pot and misted the bag, and blew into to puff it out. I may make a wire cage to keep it from touching the leaves. I also clipped the larger leaves to about half. Hopefully this will take! Suppose I shall know in a few days. I didn't add any nutes though. I may dillute my pre-mix (today) grow big and add a few drops tomorrow, do you think a foliar spray of the dillute would help or could it burn?

  13. I might air it out some, because i did mist it. Just looked too dry in the bag to start out.
  14. I set mine on my cable box its nice and warm and makes for some good humid temps in the bag :)
  15. Simple technique and great for taking cuts of keepers...
    I find I like to exchange the air in the bag once daily, blow some fresh co2/o with my mouth. K.I.S.S. method is good!
  16. i took some cuttings a few days ago using this..seem to be working so far lol..ill let ya know
  17. Yes Yes Yes Yes..... this is exactly what the doctor ordered because I literally have no money to buy any more gear but I do have a stock pile of rockwool cubes and rooting solutions.

    Private Stalk, I was thinking about putting the bag in my tent where I have switched it to flowering just the other day, with a 400w HPS. I know this light is too much for clones, do you think it will matter if I put something solid infront of the direct light blocking direct light from hitting the bag o' clones?

  18. So long as they are somewhat shaded you should be ok, but they are going to need 16,18, or 24 hours of light per day. :wave:
  19. I think if more people tried this they would never go back. It's fool proof. But to get the best success rate and fastest rooting with this method remember this:

    Low lighting. We are trying to grow roots, not leaves. If your clones fold over or look bent on the stem after in the bag you have too much light. If you are growing mold, algae or other nasties on your cube, guess what... too much light.

    Too much light also adds to the internal temp of the bag as it's literally greenhouse effect. "If the temp of the bag is too hot, then you are inviting root rot".

    Room temp, low light, will give the fastest results... However I have had plenty still root with too much light etc.... it simply added more time, and less success rate. Always cut more than you need no matter if you have 100% success rate all your life. What's an extra cut or two? could save ya one day or help a friend.

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