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Simple, Clean, Effective Gravity Bong... With a Twist

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stoopid Toker, May 29, 2009.

  1. No pics, but i have one and it is SOOOOOOO easy to make, and it is really an awesome device.

    The Concept:
    This is a gravity bong that doesnt merely come in contact with water, it filters through it.

    What you will need:
    -trumpet mouth peice... clean it first(Tuba works too, but should be used sparingly... and it causes severe lung pain)
    -2 liter bottle
    -tape (duct tape is best, but even scotch will work)
    -a pen
    -some sort of bucket to hold water

    -Cut off the bottom of your 2 liter.
    -hollow out the pen, so that its like a sturdy straw
    -Depending on the type of pen, you will be able to shove the pen inside of the mouthpeice, or vice versa, or it will be equally sized in diameter and you can just put them close together. Then tape the shit outa it.

    To Use:
    -fill bucket up with water
    -put the two liter into the water
    -pack a bowl into your mouth peice
    -crucial step - dip a finger into the water, then run the finger all over the outside of the mouth piece. Then dunk the top of the two liter under the water, this way when they mouthpeice is set to rest on the top of the two liter, it will form an airtight seal.
    -Pull the two liter out of the water, NO air will escape until the bottom of the pen is OVER the water level. Once this happens, bubbles will start appearing, creating suction through the bowl. When the bubbles first start, light the bowl. Keep lighting until it has a nice cherry going.

    Once you have burnt all the weed or have run out of room in your bottle for smoke, just pull out the mouth peice, put your lips to the top of the two liter, and suck all that smoke through.

    Its JUST like a bong rip, only gravity bong style.
  2. Idk why I can't picture this lol I need a demonstration or pic haha. I'm high
  3. ask and you shall receive.

    Going to do this on paint, ill be back with a pic shortly.
  4. This sounds good; just like a vortex piece, actually. I know people dont want to spend $80 for a gravity bong, but the vortex was a solid investment. But still, like the ingenuity, +rep
  5. Here is a shitty quick diagram i made on paint. Did it with the touchpad on my laptop (mouse outa batteries) so thats about as elaborate as im willing to get before i can take an actual photo of it.

    should be enough detail to give you the idea though.

    red - mouth peice
    blue - pen
    black - two liter
    green - green

    its just that, all sitting inside of a bucket filled with water. When you pull up and light the green, smoke will travel through the trumpet mouth piece, down the blue pen stem, and into the water. Then the bubbles will all be sucked up into the bottle to fill that empty space from you pulling up.

  6. pretty good idea. you should post a milkshot vid of that because i bet it would be pretty sick to see.
  7. real pics at some point would be awesome. i have an idea of what your talking about but seeing it would help a lot.
  8. Yea this sounds cool, like a step above a normal household gravity bong.
  9. ye thats the same thing i do for gravity bongs, but for the bowl i just use the cap that belonged to the bottle, cut a hole in it put tinfoil over the hole and poke holes
  10. this sounds awesum, when i have some spare time to kill i might decide to make this

    cheers for the pic too, at first i couldnt picture it

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