Simple cheap hydroponics systyem?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by killblowa, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. anyone have some plans for a cheap simple hydroponics system and how do i set it up?
  2. and where its not obvious to where my parents wont recognize it soooo nothing extremely huge
  3. what growth medium is good for economical and reliable results? Lot of choices, but which is really best I wonder?
  4. hydroton is a good medium. If I were you I would go to home-depot and make some bubble buckets.
  5. DWC hydroponics is pretty cheap because all you need is something like a bucket and a fish tank air pump so try looking that up and get some ideas
  6. Hey everyone a little new to the hydro side and I cant wait to get started. But i have had a hell of a time deciding wich system to try. I really like the idea of bubbleponics and have looked at a few different brands, but I cant make my mind up. Anyways here are my questions has anybody tried the .

    Multi Spectrum Bubbleponicsâ„¢ Complete Kit
    From Stealth Hydroponics
    SH Hydroponics, Inc. > Multi Spectrum Bubbleponicsâ„¢ Complete Kit
    Also wondering if anyone has had any expeirence with the multi spectrum cfl that they say is 315 watts and puts out 17,000 lumens ? Is this enough lumens for the six plant set up that they have ?
    Any advice would be much appreciated !:)
  7. dont grow in your parents house.

    a small plant is like 24 inch tall when it is done flowering. also you will need fans and filters to filter the air.

    dont grow in your parents house. that is asking for trouble.
  8. Thanks for the advice man !! Hey you wouldnt have any info on that system from stealth hydro would ? And i was wondering what your thoughts were on DWC. Thanks

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