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  1. 2 long florescent lights with 2 bulbs each u cant see the 2nd one cuz its behind the first light and I am growing some northern lights x kush strain and some other bagseed and got a fan in the corner of the room as well, any ideas on how to make it better, let me know, I dont have a lot of money so dont recommend high cost advice plz XD

  2. Those plants look SUPER stretched!! Are they under 24/7 light? or 12/12?

    It looks like a bean pole with a few leaves.. How far were they from the light when they were babies? they should have been about 2-4inches away..
    What happens when there far away from the light is they focus more growth ont eh stem to get them closer to light and less on branches/colas. Nutes? How many watts are those light a piece?
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    They are under 16/8 and they always been about an inch to 2 inches away from the light and some just grew faster then others so now I have my light slanted while some are catching up, this is my first time growing. even tho they might look stretched or whatever they still look really good up close really green no spots or bugs or nothinggggg. the bulbs are 40 watts in each bulb :( and theres 4 bulbs thats are all 48 inches long they are the plant and aquarium fluorescent lights
  4. Could i get you to take a few close ups of your plants? also what is the spectrum on those lights? from the picsture they look blue spectrum.. There should be a 5500K or a 2500K or something on those lines.. The red spectrum is what you want for vegging.

    Also, idk if you stated this, but how old are they? I think we can still get a yield off of these things for you if you get me those pics..

    Well 160Watts is better than most people so turn that frown upside down!

  5. Is that what you use?!?!!?! I feel bad for your plants. Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of cannabis cultivation know that the "blue" spectrum is best for vegging, with "red" spectrum light being the most productive during flowering. So just be careful that the info you give to new growers is correct. Its misinformation that sets back so many new growers.
  6. Aww shat, you are corect. I actually have a mix of both cause thats just what i have.. My bad.. :(

    Thanks for the corection +Rep for catching a noob mistake.. What do you exspect form someone baked off there ass?
  7. No problem man. It happens.
  8. I couldnt reach my webcam any further but I took a few of the plants out to take pics of them heres the pics



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    Ive had them growing for about 7 weeks, hey what is a good light that you can find at a store that would be perfect for me? I am going to buy better lights but I dont know which would be best I think my lights are just plain white idk
  10. Well i think your lights just arnt concentrated enough.. I say get them in some sort of box or enclosed area so that the light can be focused difectly on your plants. Like if you look around your plants are just growing strait up with no other branches branching off.
    Im pretty sure if you started vegging them in even a month your just going to get i cola right on the verry top... Are they showing signs of sex? do you know if there male or femail yet? Is there and pisti or are there any balls?
    Or are they hermie? I think just by looking at those pics that there hermie, but i cant be sure.

    Edit: i cant tell by just lookign but how tall are they? measure them. How big are those pots?
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    no signs of sex that I can see yet,

    Im pretty sure if you started vegging them in even a month your just going to get i cola right on the verry top...

    what do you mean by cola? and hermies? Im so baked right now and still trying to learn a lot of the terms :O

    there 8" pots with popout bottoms so I just have to take off the bottom to drain the excess water out if it leaks, and I will measure them later I dont have measuring tape, lol just moved here few months ago right when I started this pretty much. I'll try to have them measured in the next day or so but if I was to guess i would say all of them are about a foot give or take, except my little ones I just started 2 weeks ago

    yeah idk the plant on the far right of the pic of all my plants, just keeps growing so fcking fast its touching my light every day or two even tho i move it up a little bit, is it ok for the plant to touch the light or what
  12. Ok, then they are not AS stretched as i am thinking just by looks.
    A hermie is when your plant has not been token care of corectly or has been stressed too much, (dont quote me here) But i believe once it is a hermie it will not show sex and it just becomes a plant that is of no use. Its an it.

    Im baked too so give me a little slack here, A cola (sp) is the actual part where your bud is, it is the bud. A cola is just the term describing the area that is the bud.


    You dont have ANY other branches coming off and thats what conserns me. If your baby plants are still yound, you should read a little about Low Streess Training them. You will get ALOT more of a yeild.

    ^You willl jsut have to wait a little and see if more branches start to form..
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    yeah I havent noticed any pistils or nutsacks yet. and yeah I think theres 2 of my plants that are probably hermies I was kinda using them for like testing plants, and I kinda fucked up and pruned some of the leaves off of it but even if its not gonna grow I got 4 more growing up and the good thing is that they are the bagseed, all the kush seeds I had are doing great, even the ones that grew kinda retarded lol

    I thought this part of my grow was the vegging LOL what do I do when I start vegging in 1 month? switch lights?? or times on and off?
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    Alright that explains ALOT of why your plant looks a little retarded. lmao. Coulda told me this instead of lettign me wrack my brains out trying to figgure out where you went wrong!

    Ha, Well thats whats good about bag seeds, good for experiments.
    When you get to flowering, which is determined by however big you want them to be, but try to wait as long as possible, You will switch your timing to 12/12 and a red lioght spectrum is best! (Thanks dkkon for corecting me)

    Make sure when it is flowering and the light is off that you have ABSOLUTELY no light on your plants, not even a second just to make sure they are ok. Set it up so the light are on at day and off at night.

    EDIT: Im hi, i axidently put vegging instead of flowering before.. DOPE!
  15. Alright yeah ok and one more thing what is Red spectrum thing or w/e is that a kind of bulb you can buy?
  16. Thanks a lot for your help bro, smoke tough, be safe, and take it easssy
  17. Yes, I want someone to chime in on here about it. But the usual blue spectrum is into the high 5500K (This will be on the lightbulb) and the Red spectrum is somewher earound the 2800K Spectrum. If you search around you will find the actual spectrum, but That is the general/Normal.
    Look on your bulbs and it should tell you.. From your pics, (I cant really tell) They seem to be pretty blue/Bright white. The red will be more sunny/yellow/red.
  18. You too man, Peace. +Rep for listening!
  19. Sorry, had to quote you since you were the only person that answered his question, but i should be able to enlighten both of you a little ;)

    A hermie is a hermaphrodite, or in simpler terms, a plant that contains BOTH sexes. A hermie can polinate itself, so you would get tons and tons of seeds. Sometimes just one branch pops out male, sometimes its mixed all over the plant. Typicaly, you wouldnt want this, but it is nice when you have a really healthy low stress plant, and using a special spray, turn one branch male, polinate it with itself, and then all the seeds will grow to be female, since the plant technically only had female DNA even though it managed to grow male parts.

    Hope that helped explain it a little bit.
  20. i would suggest a cfl setup. there are so many ways to utilize these bulbs in a small grow. i use 3-5 6500k daylight spectrum cfl bulbs which are 2/$8 at walmart. those work great for vegging. and you dont really have to switch spectrums for flowering, they would still do ok with the same lighting all the way through if you had to do it that way. but red is much better for flowering.

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