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  1. Hey everyone, I've finally settled into a new place that is going to be suitable for growing relatively without having to worry about the sneaky factor. I previously tried a stealth rubbermaid container, but I couldnt keep the temps down and my babies turned into french fries :(

    This time will be different. Right now I have one plant growing in my closet under 4 26w 5000K CFLs. I have 2 more to add when the plant gets a little bigger for a total of 156 actual watts. So far, heat has not been too much of a problem, hovering around 83-85F.

    I'm using MC Moisture control. I know I know...*nute burn* but I tried my best to flush the soil before adding any beans.

    The seeds that I'm using are a random selection of a small baggie of seeds I have collected over the years from decent bud. So far only one has germinated. These seeds have been through some abuse so Im not surprised. Wish me luck :smoking:

    Anyways, onto the goods...

    Let's call this DAY 1 after breaking ground.


    Sure hope it's a lady!
  2. BAD NEWS - Came home from work today and found my baby knocked over pinned against the wall...I picked up the cup asap and put it back under the light. No obvious damage has been done and she will be fine, just a little knocked up :eek:

    My temps are looking constant at 83F, humidity stays around 50%...



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  3. DAY 2 - check out how shes bounced right back after a light watering and some loving care...


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  6. DAY 5 - Moved the lights a hair closer and watered today


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  7. Very nice. You're on your way brotha. Post some more details about your set up.
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  9. DAY 7 - Why is she limping over?? Definitely NOT over watered, the soil was bone dry before I gave her a drink. I need to transplant to a bigger pot tomorrow. Going to Texas Hydroponics to get some Fox Farms Ocean Forest! :hello:

    Also, I have some SuperThrive. Should I use it??


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  10. I used Super Thrive on my plants for every watering after they popped out of the ground. I have no proof to back it up, but I credit that stuff in a big way with the success I have had with my grow so far.

    Definitely use it, but remember, a little goes a long way. 1 drop/ gallon.

    When my seedlings were that size, they started to limp over like that and it was because my PH was too high. These plants need to stay at a PH of 6.5. Mine were at 8.1 and the leaves started to contort and twist on me.

    Ocean Forest will definitely help, but the only way to be sure is to get a good PH pen so you can measure the PH of the incoming and outgoing water when you water them.

    Check out my grow for detailed pics of the progression of the plants as they get older. I took quite a few pics.
  11. DAY 8 - Transplant

    Went to Texas Hydroponics & Organics earlier today and bought some FFOF and a nice Hanna pH pen to check my runoff.

    Thank you ZeroStar! for your info about the pH and drooping problem. Right before I transplanted to the new soil I noticed my leaves were twisting and curling just like yours were. So after I transplanted, I gave her a good thorough watering.

    pH in: 7.5
    pH out: 6.5 (woot!!)

    She has already perked her little ears up and is loving all the natural nutrients the FFOF provides...



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  12. Glad to hear. One other thing to mention. FFOF has a good amount of nutrients in it. You will not need to add nutes to watering for quite some time. Most likely 4-5 weeks into your vegetative growth.

    Do not make the mistake I did and start adding nutes prematurely and nute burn your plants. Wait until they show signs that they need nutes.
  13. Thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely keep that in mind. Superthrive should be safe to use though, right?

    I was thinking about adding nutes after she shows sex, I dont need a massive plant. Planning to veg, top a couple times, and LST in about 4 weeks. I might introduce her to my friend Big Bloom, and switch the lights to 12/12 for 6 weeks. How's that sound?
  14. DAY 9 - Nice leaf growth

    Lots of growth today, probably from the FFOF. :cool: That stuff holds water really well too. I watered yesterday and the soil is still moist on top.


    Here's the pH pen I bought the other day


    And a quick pic of my current set up


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  15. Super Thrive is safe to use throughout the life of the plant.

    Sounds like a good plan otherwise except that I would use Tiger Bloom during flowering instead of Big Bloom. I have read reports that Big Bloom is kind of a waste when using good soil like Ocean Forest because it does not provide any additionally beneficial nutrients that the soil does not already contain.

    Hell, don't take my word for it, experiment for yourself. Whatever nutrients you do decide to use, use them sparingly and only during every other watering so you can monitor effects.

  16. Oh wow, a 3 in 1 pen. Very cool. What did that set you back? Do you have to calibrate it? If so, what are you using to calibrate it?
  17. DAY 10 - Leaf set #3 creeping out...

    Busted out the Nikon ;)


    SAY WHAT?!




    oh...and Im not sure how to calibrate the pH pen. Im going to have to call TH and see what they recommend.
  18. Hey man been watching your thread great stuff. You are going to need to purchase a reference solution to calibrate your pen. You can choose either 7.0 ph or 4.0 ph. A bottle cost about 8 bucks and should last a long time. My hanna has calibration dials on the back of it.
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  20. WOW, your grow is looking a hell of a lot better than mine. I am jealous. :p But it looks awesome man, I need to catch up.

    Are you running the lights on 24hr?

    What kind of water are you using, tap, distilled, bottled?


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