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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Joka, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Hello, Im new but in a crisis!

    I've started 4 plants, all four turnt out to be females, or so i think as of now...i started them all together in a pot and used sum sewage dirt, and they sprouted and grew faster than ive ever known them to, and i just recently replanted them, ive been placing them outside during the day, inside during the night, but now im having to change due to how big they are, (about 8 inches tall) and i have a grow light on the way, and sum hanging pots also, and im going to set it up in my closet with the light above it, and aluminum foil to bounce light ect.. BUT the main problem is the dirt i started them in took alot of water to keep it from drying out like crazy, but it was good in the start, since then i replanted in sum good soil i purchased, and they take alot less water, but i think i over watered them maybe before, on 3 of them the leaves have always been droopy, but on one they have stayed perky, and they all get treated equal, so what im asking is maybe if i dont water for a few days will this help? The bottom leaves on them all started twisting and turning yellow and dying, so i trimmed them, but i didnt water today and already the leaves ALL of the leaves look kinda dry and not as moist as before, would a light mist over the leaves be ok not actually watering them? Im fairly new to growing, and im not looking for my first batch to be perfect, i just want to get the hang of things and keep these babies alive. any help would be great, im not using any nutrients besides whats in the soil, and im aging my water for 3 days before use, other than that im just doing it the old natural way, there are drain holes in the bottom of the pots, i just done that a few days ago, so maybe root problems due to water buildup in the bottom?
  2. You've got a lot of variables at play here. Lack of drainage certainly could have been an issue. So could overwatering, underfeeding, and pH problems. What is "sewage dirt"?

    It sounds like you need to learn the fundamentals. Read up on the sticky threads here in the Indoor section and also the Beginners section, and check the links in my sig.
  3. Yea, im researching and learning things, i waited too long to start worrying about all of it, they just looked so good i figured everything was ok. Thanks for the tips, im just wanting to keep them alive and ok while i learn what im doing, i think the drainage and less water may help alot, getting more oxygen in there

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