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Simple Bong Question (Carb Related)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KaelTheIntoker, May 26, 2010.

  1. So, i got my bong from GS today after a month of waiting :(
    It has a carbhole. Yes its true.
    So the question is, can i just smoke it normally by pulling out the stem without caring about the hole ( leaving the hole open) ?
  2. Does your piece have a slide on it? If it does you can just block up the carb and use just the slide.

    I wouldn't leave it open though, you wouldn't get a good hit.
  3. If you leave the hole open(hehehe) at all then air will enter the bong via the carb hole. The whole idea of filtering smoke through water in a isolated chamber is how a bong works. When you suck in, air should be coming in though the downstem, eventually turning into smoke when you light the bowl. So, yes, you can just pull the slide(if your bong has one, but since it came with a carb im doubting it.) and clear the bong.

    P.S. What kinda bong did you get?:wave:
  4. yea, i've got a WeedStar Ghetto Bitch. It's got a carb hole and i use it instead of plug it.. its like a turboblast of smoke when u clear it...:smoke:

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