Simple and Stripped Pole (that sounds wrong)

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by thccrystals, Aug 25, 2003.


Did a God create us, or did a combo of time and chance?

  1. God made man.

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  2. Time and Chance ar why we're here (man made God)

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  1. I don't know if this has been done. Hope not.

    How did we get to be here living as humans on planet earth? Did a God create us or are we here by a combination of time and chance? science vs. god wow this is probably a pole already but all I really see are more specific ones. Just vote anyway!!!
  2. i believe god made man. but i also believe that science, time and chance are involved as well.and it just all comes together. there seems to be evidence of both. well from my look at things.
  3. good poll.

    good options.

    i like the strippedness.

    i think it would all depend on ones definition of "god".

    but i still voted for the chaos option.
  4. I believe that something may have created the universe, and something else did create us. Nothing like any god from any book though.

    If they followed the same rules of common sense as we do they would have created us for a reason. We are a tool or a project, not a favored creation.

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  7. i just have one question..... if god made man... then who made god?

    religion bothers me.....especially organized religion.
  8. is it just me or does that guy look like a guy from metalica. metalica fans are probably laughing at me now but i had to ask.
  9. The dude on the right looks like Robert Trujillo from Metallica.

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  10. phew.

    i'm not as stupid as i thought i was for thinking that then.
  11. i think the people who voted for man made god are more correct, indisputably and are being more honest with themselves, but the people who voted for god made man are the only people who can save humanity. im not sure which belief i fall into.
  12. woah.. thats heavy man.

    so... i can't save humanity? aw. :(

    ;) lol :D
  13. no if you want to you can too. my bad.
  14. hey bro if you want to you can too. in fact we all can. except david spade. that guys a complete idiot.
  15. All I know for certain is...

    ..well, we're here, aren't we?

    Other than that, it could have been either, or a combination of the two. Or maybe aliens made us? ..hmm..maybe God is an alien...or used energy of some sort to produce us?

    ...does that make everyone right or wrong?

    Wrong if I'm right, right if I'm wrong..but everyone would still be right if God was an alien, so it makes no sense for anyone to be wrong...but who's to say if I'm actually right or wrong but...God?

    ...the alien? Or the all-powerful entity?

    What if the random events were in fact, planned events, to directly influence the creation of humankind via the use of alien technology?


    If God was an alien, the wording would matter...

    "God didn't create us. Aliens did."
    "God created us."
    "God, the alien, created us."
    "Random events created us by chance."
    "Random events created by God (or God,the alien) did or didn't create us."

    But since god can't be from earth; he has to be an alien...right?

    This is getting way too confusing...I'm going to stop, now.
  16. good hole poking there from bud fanatic. :)
  17. :p

    Sometimes there's just too many possible explanations for an issue...and that's when I start to think about them all..

    ...That was written by me in a rather sober state..

    I probably wouldn't have bothered to do anything but fly around star systems in a space game if I was high...

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