*Simple 2.5" Aluminum 4-pc. Grinder Mod.*

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  1. I've had this 2.5" aluminum grinder for quite some time now. I picked it up from a local shop some time ago. It used to see quite a bit of midgrade back while I was at a consumer level of smoking herb.

    In my opinion, compared to more expensive (spacecase, sharpstone, etc.) possibly even TI 4-pc. grinders:

    - tiny alum. shavings around the outside edge from turning the top while grinding (no nylon ring)
    - small holes in the grinding chamber for herbs to fall through, and fewer holes per area on outside radius, these factors lead to a very very finely ground herb before it is able to fall onto the screen below

    - sharp, well machined teeth, perfectly shaped for easy grinding in my opinion
    - strong overall design: good threads and components screw together nicely, knurled top edge
    - strong lid magnet, top stays on and grinds smoothly
    - perfectly sized (micron) kief screen, durable and easy to clean

    To improve the grinder I have, rather than purchase a new one, I decided to do a few quick and easy modifications:

    - carefully sand the sharp edges smooth on the outside and inside radius' of the top grinding piece, and the grinding chamber top - also any sharp edges that may have formed on the threads (from cross-threading, etc.) this allows a smoother metal on metal contact while you grind, and will eliminate small aluminum flakes which originate mainly from the sharp edges being worn further

    - add more holes in the grinding chamber! as you can see below, I added an extra set of holes, using a nice sharp bit, next to each pre-existing one around the outside radius - the point here is to not grind the buds to fucking dust all together before it can fall through to the screen. I deal with nothing but my own homegrown sticky icky these days (check my sig :smoking:), and I prefer the good herb to remain more intact, and less pulverized for rolling J's (I don't like grinding good weed completely to shit for any purpose)

    I also hate the transfer of so many trichs to my fingers from trying to tear it down, so I hope this modification will help to maintain the integrity of the resin in the grinded product.

    The added holes are the slightly larger diameter,


    I also proceeded to bevel the bottom edge of the new holes to match the others, and guaruntee smooth herb fallage :D


    These two quick mods, which I explained in detail (purpose and execution), will help improve your cheap ass aluminum grinder, and possibly delay the purchase of a more expensive unit :wave:
  2. Sounds good man. I'm just wondering though how much it cost? because you can buy a sharpstone for like...15-20 bucks on Ebay so they aren't what i'd consider expensive
  3. I have the exact same grinder lol, what do you use to bevel and make holes w/?
  4. sorry but why not just buy a sharpstone grinder... won't have to do all those mods and its only 15 bucks... plus i would hardly say that grinder is on par with high end units if it doesnt even have a teflon ring around it...
  5. Wow you have way way to much time on your hands lol !! but really
  6. It still grinds? As long as there's no shavings in my blend, and the consistancy is how I like, I'm happy :smoking:

    And I never said to buy this grinder and modify it instead of a higher end model. It's a 25 dollar grinder before the mods, and it still sucks, buy a sharpstone!

    But if you've got one of these old aluminums laying around, do it up :D
  7. I have the same grinder I think, mine might be a tad diff Idk, was 40 dollars, wouldnt take my magnet out though :/
  8. as long as there is no metal shavings, my grinder makes me happy. shreds it to perfect blend

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