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  1. I would like to switch to 12/12 since my DinaChem is starting to get to big for my comfort. I have a Pineapple Chunk, Pineapple Express and Berry Bomb that just started.
    So how much yield could I pull for the little one under a 400w HPS. Just a shot in the wind or if you have grown any of these strains.

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  2. Considering they just started I'd say maybe an ounce :confused_2: .
  3. Are you talking about the 3 plants upgront?
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    i just pulled an even 2 ounces off a 12/12 seed ;)
    got 2 more coming down in a week or so, looking about the same :D
    Strawberry Diesel :yummy:
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  5. Ok so the three plants on the five gallon bucket are the young ones. DinaChem is back right and Blue Mystic Back left and behind them is some habanero plants
  6. Lol just making sure
  7. So do you think I should do it. Also I have a BlueBerryBlissAuto in waiting to pop. It should be any day now.
  8. You make life difficult for yourself starting different strains at times in a single grow space. It's easier to do a single strain or pick strains with similar flowering growth characteristics and start them together...
  9. How much space do you have up? A few more weeks would give you significantly more yield. I say 45 days at least but I know some people are limited.
  10. Yeah I know I was waiting on some Trans Siberian Autos n Ultra Lemon Haze Autos. Customs grab them before I got the seeds sent again. The strains that I am growing are all pretty much on the same flowering time. I know I got impatient and start the three little one when I should have waited on the beans.
  11. I feel like I could do what your saying, I'm just worried the DinaChem will get to big for the closet.

    Should I start working in some SuperCropping with the LST
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    I would I start super cropping and lay around the 5th node after it recovers from the first top. How much space do you have to go up before you hit the light? Give yourself between half and 2/3rds the distance from the light and flip. When it's done it should be damn near exactly as big as it could possibly be. In most closets 60 day veg isn't a big deal. Throw a trellis over it if you have to. Tomato cages can work wonders too for keeping things a little more organized. If you don't wanna make a trellis I'd throw a big tomato cage in there at least. Just pull the bottom branches out of the side and keep the big ones up top. It prevents them from flopping over in flowering too.

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