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Simmering gram of dank stems in half and half

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Cannabliss88, Jan 22, 2012.

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    So I am currently simmering a gram of some dank stems I saved up for a night like tonight in some straight half and half (high fat content)

    I put the gas stove on the lowest the flame can go and mixed stems in cold half and half.

    Took 10 minutes to start simmering. Been simmering for 15 minutes now, stirring every couple minutes.


    How long should I simmer them for. Should I wait till they soften up or just simmer for like a half hour.

    This is an experiment but I'm hoping for the best possible results;)
  2. Been simmering a half hour now. I realize we are in the gc dead hours so I'll make this into a report for the people.

    just tasted a spoonfull and damn it sure TASTES potent.:hello:

    I shall keep you updated
  3. minimum of a half hour, go up to an hour if you can ;)
  4. I doubt it gets you high

  5. true, 1g of stems, no matter how dank, is a really low amount
  6. So I simmered them for a little over a half hour. 33 minutes if I had to guess. Then I poured the half and half through a strainer into a glass. Although the taste was potent the color changed very little.

    I squeezed as much half and half as I could from the stems. Then I chewed them into a pulp over the next 15 minutes as I cleaned up my supplies and let the beverage cool a bit.

    It's a good think I love the taste of weed:D After chewing them into a pulp and swallowing the juice left in them milk was cooled enough to drink.

    I drank it all down (and it tasted amazing) and even managed to gulp down the entire gram of stems I had been chewing on.

    This was at 5:30, almost 30 minutes ago. I took it on a fully empty stomach. It turned out to be about 8 ounces of half and half.

    So far I think I feel a little buzz but it could be plecebo. I am a little tired as well but I will stay up until I know whether or not it really works.
  7. If you had a grinder you should of dekiefed your stems then used the kief and dont strain it out. Throw your stems in the middle chamber with some coins and put it in the fridge,wait a bit, take it out and shake the fuck out of it side to side and hit it against your knee every so often.

  8. Still curious as to how this went, from personal experience, it usually takes me about 1:30 for it to kick in, though, it varies from person to person, so, howd it go? :O
  9. Well I fell to sleep and slept like a fucking rock till I had to get up for work so I consider that a success.:D

    I felt a little mild afterglow (as I like to call it) in the morning and got through the day well considering my insomnia (which is when the idea to make this recipe struck me)

    So I'd say its great for insomnia and a mild buzz. But I'll never know exactly how high it got me after the first hour. Oh well I really can't complain.

    Theres always next time and you know I'll be saving those stems:wave:

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