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simmered seagrams 7 tincture

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by grogro, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I cleaned my vap whip in some seagrams 7 , I brought it to a slight boil on the stove in a pyrex pan and then siimmered it slow for 15 min. My whip came out clean. What I was left with was some very hashy 7. I had a few 7and7s and I'm feeling no pain. The flavor of this drink was actually better,more creamy yet refreshing from the mintiness of the oils. My whip was extremely caked and had never been cleaned BTW. I was able to separate the solids and got half gram of a hash like stony substance from the pan! Anyone else out there use there vap resin for anything?
  2. Are you vapeing the hash left over from the evaporated Seagrams??
  3. #3 grogro, Jan 7, 2013
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    No I didn't vap any of it yet,just a few hot knives it got me high as fuck tho. I drank the 7 I cleaned the whip in I didn't let it evaporate just drank it.It was very dark almost like weak coffee. I planned on dumping it ,but it smelled so much like hash I just couldn't.
  4. Dude that's a terrible idea. It's not pure alcohol. It had added colors and flavorings and all kinds of shut you don't want to smoke. Next time use everclear or iso. Again, don't smoke hash made with seagrams7. Lol
  5. #5 grogro, Jan 7, 2013
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    Its all I had to clean my whip, wasn't making hash man. Just ended up with some hash like substance and some trippy liquor. I assure you I know how to read a sticky that tells you the proper methods of hash making, and unlike many members I have made my fair share of hash over the years using the same methods but I learned them before grass city or the like had even been around from real people with first hand experience. Not to discredit those who are grass city raised, but just I get sick of people on here hijacking threads to tell someone they are doing something that seems "wrong" to them instead of focusing on the questions asked. The vap resin is basically already in its present form in the stem the 7 merely liberated it from the glass. To clarify I drank the seven and pulled the solid chunks o

    f vap resin out of the pan I didn't dissolve the solids into the 7 and let it evaporate and then claim to have "a BA new way of doing iso hash" just did some random crap and then smoked smoked some shii
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    Enjoy man. yea vape reclaim is good for edibles ie: infused coconut oil or clarified butter And apparently infused mixed drinks with rotgut liquor. Lol
  7. Yeah its pretty cool, I havent reclaimed vap res before now. I am a zombie still from last night. Thanks for your input blades.
  8. Probably wouldn't want to smoke something soaked in liquor personally, but hey I admire the resilience of someone who will, and fully enjoy it.

    And yeah, ain't that a bitch when someone decides to take someones idea and shit on it? Same thing happened to me last night.
  9. I use an arizer extreme q, I save bud by Vaping, I make DANK brownies from Avb, and I also clean my hose with ISO and evaporate it and I can def say anyone not Vaping by 2013 is foolish.
  10. I have a Buddha . But I used my wand oil like bho . I just scraped it all out it was around a g of amber oil. I just dabbed it all
  11. What do you use to scrape your whip? It's a bitch when I try.

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