Similarities between Coffee and Weed (Random Observation)

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    Just wanted to post some random thoughts I had about how weed and coffee are similar 
    -They are both simple agriculture products but with a multitude of ways to consume and with varying expense and complication (10$ pourover to 10000$ espresso machince, coke can pipe to 1000$ Pyrology)
    -They are both natural and when used with even the slightest degree of responsibility there is almost a complete lack of health risks and side effects
    -They come in a multitude of grades and quality but at any level will get you where you want to be (I drink top of the line fresh roasted coffee, ground fresh in a good grinder through a high quality brewer, but I can drink some bullshit from a gas station if im in a bind and it will still get me caffeine despite being bitter nasty shit. Same for weed, you could love organic super dank, but in a bind a joint of some remotely decent regular will get you the THC you desire )
    -They are stored and handled identically. They both should be stored airtight at room temperature and not exposed to excessive light. Both should be ground fresh immediately before consumption
    -They both have been used for a long time and are prevalent among all races, socio-economic groups, countires, religions ect.
    -People get douche and stuck up about the good shit. I know hipsters that only drink fresh roasted organic from the most popular roasters made with RO water at a proper ration in a hand poured Hario drip. Same with weed, some people only smoke super expensive super dank weed and love to go on and on about this and that about it. (I had a guy that wouldnt let me put some good reggie in his pipe, because it was for "dro" only smh)
    -I love both of them because there fucking awesome haha!
    Thats all and thanks for reading haha. feel free to add to 


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