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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GreenLeaf, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. A few days ago i got stoned with a mate of mine and i came to the realisation that there is something that always happens whenever i get stoned, like a pattern, wnever i'm slipping into it, i always here this buzzing followed by some wierd image in my head, then the rest is history, anyone else, know what i'm talking about?
  2. Yeah, every time I get stoned I get a buzzing in my head (I don't hear it, but you know. I feel a buzzing). I think all the blood rushes to my head or something, cos I get dizzy if I sit still like that. So when I first ever got stoned and that happened I thought I was gonna die or something if I didn't keep moving about :)

    And about the images.. I always think of Jimi :)
  3. its not the blood rushing to your head its your brain absorbing the THC and stuff well thats it c-Yaz
  4. man, yeah....and wheenever i listen to music and stop listenin when i am still stoned, i can still "hear" it....funky shit!
    funniest is when u listen to one tune,....stop...and listen to another one, u can still hear the first tune!

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