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SilverSword's Hard-Hash Butter Walkthrough

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SilverSword, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone. Just thought I would kill my boredom by making a walkthrough... Today its step by step Hard-Hash Butter making.

    Hard-Hash is the first few grades (the worst grades) of hash you get when you making with descending size screens or screen bags. Its the stuff that doesn't even feel oily and is really tough on the throat and lungs. I don't find these grades appetizing to smoke because of the harshness, so lets make butter out of it!

    First step is of course gathering materials. you already have your hash and it is pressed and dried. You will also need a double boiler (or ghetto style with two pots like me), a rubber-scraper spatula for stirring the concoction, butter, a grinder, and a container for storage afterward.

    Choosing your butter is an important part. You want the butter with the highest saturated and non-saturated fat contents. I found one in the grocery store yesterday that might be all over the U.S. PIC 1

    Of course a ready-made double boiler is always better, but you can use two different size pots to make your own db. Start out by filling you bottom pot with about 2-3 inches of water and turn on the stove medium-low temperature. Then, I just tape the two handles together with a piece of aluminum tape and they don't go anywhere. PIC 2

    After the heat is turned on, you can add your butter to the top pot, It will start to melt quickly, so keep an eye on it and stir as necessary. PIC 3 The butter shouldn't boil since it cannot reach a high enough temp in the db.

    While the butter is melting, get your brick of hash out. PIC 4 You can use anywhere from 2-10 grams of hash per pound of butter depending on the desired strength. I'm using 1/2 lb of butter today with 1.5 g of hash so that comes out to be 3 g/lb. These are not going to be too powerful because they are for my girlfriend when she goes to work.

    Take a grinder (or a hammer and wax paper if you don't have one) and get your hash as close to powder as possible (this is easy since the hash isn't oily). By now your butter should be melted. PIC 5

    Add your powder hash to the mixture and stir for a minute. PIC 6 Set your timer for 40 minutes, stirring well every five minutes (make sure to scrape all surfaces with the rubber scraper to prevent burning or charring). After forty minutes your liquid will be darker but you may still have some chunks and that is ok. If you have no chunks, skip the next step.

    Remove the top pot from the bottom and put the butter on direct heat. It should start to bubble vigorously and as soon as it does, remove from the heat and stir. Then return to heat and repeat 1 time for every gram of hash you put in originally. This will help dissolve some remaining hash. If you still have chunks after that, it is ok, you just have good potent butter.

    Put the butter in a plastic or glass container for storage. This is the butter after all the heating and put into the cooling container PIC 7

    After you have the butter in the container, put it in the freezer for 30-40 minutes until it is the viscosity of molasses. PIC 8 Stir it up well and put in the fridge.

    You have just made you hash butter! Enjoy with anything from brownies to a piece of toast! Congratulations!

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