Silverback Gorilla vs. Grizzly Bear - Who would win in a fight?

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  1. I've always been interested by this..ive asked loads of my friends and the answers have tended to be 50/50.

    On one hand we have the Eastern Gorillas, Eastern Lowland Gorillas, who when matured, grow silver hair on their backs. The Alpha male is usually the biggest, strongest, and leads a pack of up to 30.
    Weighing in on average anywhere from 400 - 600 pounds, they can stand up to from 5"6 to a bit over 6" tall on the ground, with arm spans exceeding up to 8.5 ft.
    They swing from trees like nothing and have unbelievable agility, flexibility and functional strength. It is said that they are stronger than up to 10 olympic heavyweight weightlifters.

    Weighing in at anywhere from 800 to 1500 pounds, in extreme cases over 2000, they stand on average at 8 ft tall and in some cases have stood up to 10 ft tall.

    Out of both animals, strength is very even, if not edging to the Gorilla. Both can be very fast and have similar arm spans, but gorillas are much more agile, flexible and have very long stamina. Both have powerful jaws and bites, with the bears being stronger. Gorillas have very strong hands, but bears have massive claws.

    If they fought to the death on land somewhere, who would win?
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  2. As epic as a 600 lb gorilla sounds, I think grizzly ;/.

    But god damn I wanna see an alpha silverback vs a giant g bear...
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    Thumbs shall prevail.

    That grizzly is big and bad until he's got a gorilla on his back choking him. It's not like he could reach over his head to pull him off.

    Also the gorilla can THINK. They have been observed using clubs to beat small monkeys and bushbabies to death for some red meat.
  4. Not that I'm calling that gorilla a puss or anything, but I believe 9/10 times the bear would win. It's got the size and weight advantage (even if strength may be close) and it has those claws and teeth with give it cutting/slashing advantage.

    Anyone got some thousands of dollars, special permits, and a really large cage?

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  5. The Crunge.
  6. Depends. I think the gorilla could win with his arms if he had any kind of tactics
  7. Fuck.. this was seriously a hard choice. But id take the silverback. But maybe its just that fucking bad ass looking gorilla in the first pic. That blew my mind
  8. Great thread. I'd put a lot of money on the grizzly though givin those stats
  9. Grizzly.

    As strong as a gorilla is, a grizzly can lift 600 lbs with one paw.

    The slap of a grizzly can rip a human in half, decapitate, etc.
  10. This thread has been made so many times. It's ALWAYS the bear that wins. They actually fought animals back in the 30s or something and the bear would ALWAYS win. Grizzly to be specific, they beat tigers, silverback gorillas, wolf packs.

    I'd personally like to see a Bull Moose vs Grizzly Bear though.
  11. I choose the monkey as well just cause if he getting beat im sure he would step back and think about it some more then grab a club or a salmon ever been hit in the face with a salmon?
  12. A gorilla isn't a monkey ^
  13. Why do these people always pick the same fucking animals over and over?

    Why cant it be "megalania vs grizzly", instead?

    Or "blue whale vs megalodon"?
  14. Crocodile vs Old Lady with black belt
  15. Grizzly.

    Id give my left nut to see this fight for real.
  16. To beat a bear, you just need to lay on the ground on your back, and kick it in the scrotum upon approach.

    I think the bear would belt the gorilla. The gorilla would probably just use straightforward attack techniques as would the bear. The bear wins on strength and claws. Then, it would probably serve the gorilla one up the
  17. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
  18. The gorilla gets a sword, and it's even.
  19. But the fucking grizzly no matter what. You know what's a better question?

    Polar bear vs grizzly
  20. [quote name='"Wizards"']But the fucking grizzly no matter what. You know what's a better question?

    Polar bear vs grizzly[/quote]

    That would actually be a pretty good fight depending on the type of grizzly and size.

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