SIlver Surfer Water Filter Help

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by rogueninja, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. So I recently came into some money and was looking at some water filters for my silver surfer vaporizer. Their webiste has a whole list here. There seems to be 2 types for the same price ($99):

    The one that looks like a dubble bubbler here

    and one with a coil running through it here

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with one or the other and which one you would recommend. If you haven't tried them, opinions are still welcome:D

  2. The first isn't a double bubbler, it's a single sidecar-style bubbler.

    Not that you really need that much more filtration for vapor.

    The second is basically a GonG bubbler/ashcatcher, which to me makes it better, because you could use it as a bubbler, as an A/C, or with the whip adaptor as a water filter for the vapor.

    I opted to get neither, and just get a GonG whip adaptor, because I already have a bong and can just use that.

    If I didn't, though, I'd totally have gotten the second one you listed.
  3. Whatever kind of water filter you buy, make sure to check that it will deal with the type of contamination you might come across, they don’t all deal with the same and some are better than others

    Rainwater filters
  4. I had no idea they made water filters for bubblers. Interesting... What purpose do they serve? This is probably a stupid question but could you not just use water that was already filtered through like a Brita pitcher or something? Instead of spending $99 on a specialty filter? I guess it depends on what purpose these serve...

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