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Silver Surfer Vaporizer - The Review - SSV

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ice Chamber, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Disclaimer: I am in no way part of any vaporizing company, nor do I own stock in any. I'm just some guy on the internet.

    Buying It
    I'd been researching to buy myself a vaporizer. The feel vapor gives your head is very different. It doesn't smell like you're smoking and because it's more efficient, you smoke less. You'll end up buying less salvia while keeping the same effect.

    The wire heater-type vaporizers breakdown after about 3 months, so I wanted a ceramic heater in mine. This makes the vaporizer at least $150. There are many wooden box type vaporizers, starting with Vapor Brothers and going on and on. These $150 - $180 units seem pretty good.

    For those who like the bag, there's the $200 box-type VaporTower. And for portable, everyone loves the VaporGenie.

    The expensive Volcano is a great product. But the output quality seems the same to me. And others agreed. When comparing it to the under $300 range, I couldn't find a review that said Volcano is better.

    There's another digital, high end unit now. The Vapir VaporMatic Vaporizer Deluxe is $300 and uses quartz instead of ceramic. I read many reviews that said it was an attractive piece. I find it kind of tacky looking. It has the advantage of being usable with either a bag or a whip. According to the posts I've read it does a great job. I considered this one too.

    These all seem reasonable, so I was considering one of the box type. But then I found a higher-end unit for $160 (or $180 for a black one.) Da Buddha by 7th Floor is simple, high quality and rugged. It has a 3 year warranty and it's design makes it easy to use and clean. Everyone who had one recommended it.

    7th Floor also makes a more expensive unit, called the Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV). I considered buying this $250/$270 unit. But when the company told me that the only advantage was expandability, I turned my attention back to Da Buddha.

    At that moment, I came upon a great deal on an SSV bundled with accessories.

    The Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV)
    My black SSV came bundled with an SSV grinder, 2 extra tubes, an extra pick, the hands free attachment and most interesting of all -- an ice chamber in its well-padded hemp case. The SSV comes standard with one pick, a hose, a mouthpiece and a matching carrying case for them all.

    Naturally, I read the instruction manual and then took my SSV for a ride. First I tried it without the ice chamber. Very smooth and all the benefits I remembered. I'd used a Volcano 4 months before and it seemed the same. After that, I waited a couple of hours to clear my palate and tried it again with the ice chamber. Ice and no water.

    Even better! Everything's as smooth and cool as ice.

    As advised, I began by turning it on "high" for 10 minutes. (Burns the oil off -- but why is there oil on its thing anyway?) After this first time it's 2 or 3 minutes.

    No one said so directly, but the inferences I found led me to believe that the 1 O'clock position is best if you hit on it slowly and 2 O'clock best if you hit on it faster. It worked for me. I just leave it at 1 O'clock.

    I could use the thing 2-handed -- one hand held the herbal side and one holds the other end to my lips. But instead I used an attachment with the over-optimistic name of "Hands Free". I had to bend it a bit to get it to fit right, but the attachment thereafter snapped on easily. Still, it's 2-handed to snap on and off.

    It is just a little bit more trouble to do the vaporizer thing, but the results are so much better that I don't care. And I can limit the ice chamber to special occasions if I think it's too much trouble. But for now, I love it and use it every time. And the look of my all black SSV is cool. Bart Simpson cool.

    What a setup.

    Five stars. And in a simple, but compelling design. And it's easy to clean too. I think the SSV and (according to 7th Floor) the of-equal quality Da Buddha, to be the best for those who don't need or want to fill a bag.
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    Nice little review, but pics would be good too! I for one, own a Vaporwarez(Box design, similar to Vaporbros) and love it. However, I was thinking of purchasing a SSV myself. The design seems better than all of the others to be honest. They not only are made in the good old US of A with quality parts, they have a nice warranty on them and a whole community to boot. Sounds like you made a good investment, my friend.:D

    PS: Whenever you get the time, take some pics of that bad boy! I was looking into purchasing an all chrome one.
  3. Did you get the regular or ground glass model?
  4. Regular. Now that I've had it for awhile, I usually use it without the ice chamber. But I had a cough I couldn't get rid of after getting sick, and the ice was a big help then.
  5. Sweet pics, dude. I'll bet it looks pretty slick in person.:D
  6. Yeah, I got lucky when I found that deal on the SSV. But Da Buddha is just as good for $160.
  7. nice pickup man! I just ordered my silver surfer vaporizer actually the other day hahah, it'll be here on monday of next week :smoke:
  8. I wanna see a video of it in action, cool review.

    Also wrong section ;O
  9. Can anyone provide the phone# or email address of the manufacturer of the Silver Surfer? ...Thanks...Mike
  10. The silver surfer is an awesome vape. Ever since I started smoking I was always a bong guy smoked bongs all day everyday. I got my SSV about a month ago and haven't hit my bong since thats how good it is.

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