Silver Surfer or Da Buddha

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by shavedwookie, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. thinking about buying a new vaporizer, since my current one is kind of cheap, and it has seen better days...not sure which brand to buy, im looking for a desktop electrical vape, ssv and dbd are the two i've been looking at...
  2. Well i only have input on the DBV as its the only one i have used, its a great vape and it gets me very stoned.
    I think the ssv is a slightly nicer version of the DBV, albeit more expensive.
  3. I got da Buddha and I hate it. SSV is same but better in a way. If I were you, id go for the cloud or extreme q. You can only use wand for da Buddha or ssv and it gets tiring. Let alone, it gets harsh and if you don't have a bong attachment, it ain't worth it. I'd go for a bag/whip combo.
  4. Don't beleive this guy, tons of DBV users that love their units. I have one and it rips, its much simpler in design and will probably outlast an EQ in life expectancy.

    The cloud is $400+ so a different league.

    It also attaches to a bong with no adapters if you don't want to buy one, but they sell adapters for $12 to make it easier.

    Its not harsh at all, might be using uncured bud or something, but it hits very smooth, much smoother than my Arizer Solo since the vapor travels longer.

    Look at the 7th floor appreciation thread in this section.

    Theres only a few differences between the SSV and DBV, cosmetics and a downward angle on the heater on the SSV being the biggest.

    I'd recommend the DBV in a heartbeat
  5. I only buy top shelf tested bud that is flushed correctly and grown for my city's top cannabis club. So no that isnt a problem. When comparing drag after drag to bag after bag, or even dab after dab, da Buddha tends to dry my lungs and throat more. Look this up. Whip vapes are harsh without a bong attachment. I also do not like how there is no temp gauge on da Buddha. Also, it is way too easy for the bud to fall into the heating element.

    Op, if you decide to go with ssv or da Buddha, get a bong attachment, titanium screens from aqua labs and silicone tubes/whip. Those urethane ones will wear quickly.

  6. If vaporbonging is your thing, pass on both the SSV and the DBV and get yourself the LSV from the same manufacturer. Doing this will allow you to bypass the whip and go for a glass on glass vapor path..........MUCH better.

    If vaporbonging is not what you want to do, both the SSV and the DBV are highly recommended by many as some of the hardest hitting vapes on the market.
  7. Temp gauges like the EQ aren't accurate once you start drawing. Its only good for setting the inital temp, which is easy with any vape.

    All those electronics means more things to fail, fans, digital temp gauges, etc etc etc. Of course if you're spending $150 on the vape, the components won't be top notch if it has that many things.

    WIth the DBV its only the heating element and temp knob that can fail really, so the chances of it lasting longer is higher.

    Vapor from all vapes is kind of dry, so some water filtration helps moisten it to make it smoother. The reason I'd guess bag vapes are smoother for you is because theres more air compared to vapor, so its a more airy hit.

    I vape with no water with the Solo which only has a 3" path of travel all teh time, yea its harsh but you get used to it. way less harsher than smoking.

    I've also driven with the DBV in my lap (haha, not recommended) and didn't have any bud falling into the heating cover/element, just depends how much to fill it and I usually give it a light tap to keep it in place.

    Everyone has different preferences though, which is why they're so many vapes on the market, but the DBV is a pretty good vape. I was surprised how big the hits can be once you get the technique down
  8. Extreme q has a lifetime warranty ; dbv & ssv don't
  9. Which only covers the heater, none of the other stuff.
  10. Yup, lifetime warrany is only on the heater, the rest of the unit is 3 years like the DBV/SSV

    Plus shipping costs are higher to Canada, has to go through customs where smell can be a problem too, unles you bought from a reputable seller which will take care of it in the U.S.

    DBV/SSV mnfg only charges $25 out of warranty to fix it, I'm sure the EQ is a bit more to fix, probably better off buying a new one for $150

    I own an Arizer product too (Solo), so don't think I'm hating on them, I just think the DBV is simpler in design so therefore will last longer, and it does produce some awesome hits

  11. And that's because all that other stuff will break way before the heater will. It only makes logical sense that the less moving parts and electronics that you have, the more reliable it will be.
  12. I stick to dabbing but if I wanted to go back into vaping, I would probably get a LSV or a handheld omicron persei
  13. I got the ssv over the buddha because the herb is back in the ssv due to its angle and less likely to hit the heating element

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