silver surfer long term review. pics if my phone works.

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    so, if my phone syncs to my old shity PC... galaxy s4, ill post pics.... 
    but, i just discovered in the dark.... that the reason the spend an extra buck on the sticker on the plug that says SSV in big letters that YOU CANT MISS.... is so you dont unplug the stereo. or the Xbox. literally, this PC would DIE from getting unplugged. this HDD is about to go!!! i could have just fucked shit up, but they extra 10 bucks i paid saved me!
    and this thing CONTINUES to hit hard.... i took a break while i set up college classes and what not, and cleared up a para ticket for smoking in the dorms the 1st day of class..... make sure the air goes from the hallway into your room and your golden!!! no possible way the smell can escape your room. 

    i have a small like 16 inch circle cage fan on medium in the window, warped in blankets,  and their is a breeze in the room. i like sealed the window the the curtain and the blanket i hang on it for shade into a seal....
    tissue paper makes a good indicator.  hold a long strip in inch or so big.... it it sticks to the crack...dont smoke. if it blows off....TOKE UP!!!

    someone just walked into the hall and said IT STINKS... apparently a shitter was plugged with shit. i kinda dipped.

    but, ya, its a great vape guys.... it just looks REALLY professional, its durable, the thing heats up DAMN quick. if its not hot enough, wait 10 seconds and it will be. 

    i told the cops it was an oil burner.... my exact words... i had the candle wax shit thing on it... they believed me. or just figured they would take the whip.... because my logic was without the whip.... it is really just a way to melt wax!!! legally too!!!



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