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  1. I am writing this to the online community to clear up the misconception that 7th Floor the Company that makes the Silver Surfer actually stands behind their product, which they don't.
    I purchased a "Silver Surfer" on Feb. 5, 2009.
    It arrived about a week later via UPS, but didn't work. I then called toll free number the following day seeking advice about what to do. The customer service stated that it was a dimmer issue and that one would be sent out. Another week went by and the dimmer arrived without any instructions. I spoke with customer service again who stated that I needed to remove the dimmer with a 10mm socket. I drove all over town seeking a 10mm deep socket. I then installed the new dimmer and the light on the back came on, but the Silver Surfer remained "defective". I then promptly called customer service again and explained the situation. I explained that my patience had run out, because since ordering this device 3-weeks had passed and still no solution.
    I offered two solutions and was told I would receive an e-mail with instructions at the end of business on Thursday, Feb. 19th, nothing. I then called again and they said they would send out a new one and a return label for the defective one and guess what - nothing again nothing but a bunch of lies.
    I am getting the sense that the great customer service I have heard about is an on-line fiction.
    So now what I am going to do is spread the word that these guys are "unprofessional" don't care about customer service and I am sending everything back at my own expense and will never do business or recommend this business to anyone.

    Spread the word that you will only loose time and money dealing with this company.

  2. They are a smaller company and probably don't have many customer service reps to do with the volume of requests they get in a timely matter. I would continue trying to gain contact through email and give it at least a few more days. If that doesn't work than just contact the Better Business Bureau, but I'm sure this issue will end up resolved soon.

  3. I would have to agree the way they have handled it so far is unprofessional.

    I thought the warranty sounded arrogant:

    Why would you put that in your warranty section? It could just be me, but it sounds a little condescending and also irrelevant. Who cares if they have 3 test models? Shit breaks. There is no product thats 0% defective. The warranty also sounds like it was written by a 7th grader:

    What I am basically getting at is that these sort of things can reflect on the way people run their business, sometimes.

    Looking at other vaporizer warranties, the SSV's seems very amateur and thrown together.

    OR...I could just be stoned and this could all be in my head. Who knows? :confused:
  4. Fuck the Silver Surfer!!!

    GO Super Vape -Zilla!!!:D
  5. Dude, its a small company...I'm glad they dont sound like stuck up professionals. They sound like normal people, and that is who I like to deal with.

    I'm sorry for your situation, but they did send you the new part...so its not like they are completely ignoring you. It will probably just take some time. Fortunately I have not had any problems with my SSV, but when I ordered a new wand I asked them for an extra base screw because mine fell off, and they sent me an entire bag of screws and another bag of screens. It wasn't anything special, but it was nice of them.

  6. Most "normal people" I know that own businesses act professionally. But let's look at the word professionally so you understand what I am saying.

    From Merriam-Webster:

    Profession: a principal calling, vocation, or employment

    Therefore, to act professionally is to act in accordance with your job or business. On the other hand, to act unprofessionally means your actions are not in accordance with your job or business.

    Therefore, if I am buying from a business, I expect them to act professional.
  7. Ok, first of all, you only quoted the top part of my post. The bottom part shows how they acted professionally. Secondly, I said I don't like them to sound professional. Of course they should act professionally, but I like talking to a real person when I contact customer service, not someone who sounds like a robot.
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    quoting the fucking merriam webster dictionary

    you just won the douche olympics
    Disrespect doesn't float here. *RMJL

    give thema break its a small company the world doesnt revolve around you
  9. To OP, you should demand your money back and get a hands-free VaporBros. You won't be disapointed, their customer service reps have already sent me 2 free whips to compensate for the broken one I unknowingly purchased. I got 2 cause' they sent a regular (not handsfree) whip as a replacement, then corrected their error and sent a handfree whip as well. The best pieces in life are free.:cool:
  10. Yeah, I'm pretty sure only a douche would call someone a douche for proving a fucking point,
    "You, you human paraquat!"
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    Dude, the company wanted him to fix the defective product THEY sold him.
    Any good company would send him a brand new product, not send him pieces to fix the broken piece of shit they sent him.;)

    If you bought a HD tv and when you got home it didn't work, would you want to fix it yourself with pieces they sent you?
    Hell no you wouldn't, so think before you blabber about some screw they sent you to fix a product that was probably on warranty.
  12. Sucks about your situation. I have a SSV that I purchased about 3 years ago. I havent had any issues with it and I use it everytime I toke. Besides the fact that I havent had to deal with the customer service before, I can still say that they sell a great product.
  13. Worked Perfect 4 me...

  14. I was talking about their website? I never said anything about their customer service representatives.

    And...how does being professional and sounding like a robot have anything to do with each other?

    For example: When I called the company I bought my vape from, not the manuf. but the retailer, about a shipping and billing question, the guy on the other end was extremely nice, prompt, and knowledgeable. He was professional and easy to deal with.

    If I called a company about a warranty issue and they said something to the effect of "Well, we have 3 originals that are on all day that never break," I would be pissed. I would tell them "I don't care if you have 3 originals that run fine. Mine isn't, so fix it like you agreed you would in the warranty contract." It's immature and unprofessional, IMO.

    This exact situation didn't happen, but it's not much different from them stating it in their warranty terms. Once again, IMO.

    As for me ignoring the second part: I had nothing to say to that. I was purely replying to what I quoted. The issue was what I stated in my first post, nothing more.

    How am I a douche for quoting a dictionary? A dictionary is a great tool and I use it frequently to help expand my vocabulary.

    I already went into the whole small business thing above so I will not repeat myself.

    However, I will say this. I build and repair guitar amplifiers, for myself and others, and have dealt with many small guitar and guitar amplifier companies. They are, for the most part, run by nice, knowledgeable, and very agreeable people. They are also very professional, which makes them all the more easy to deal with.

    Simply stated: If I am drinking a beer with you, anything goes.
    If I am buying a >$100 product, I expect a degree of professionality. That doesn't mean "robot." That means carrying out their business in a systematic manner which is not ambiguous and extremely informal.

    Exactly what I was trying to say.
  15. Definitely contact the Better Business Bureau, explain to them everything that has happened with the company, and I can assure you, you will be happy with the results.

    I called the BBB after the Xbox 360 services reps kept fucking me over saying my warranty was expired (which it wasn't). I ended up paying for a new 360 to be shipped for 150$ and a few months later Xbox refunded me the whole 150$ and they were tripping about the BBB. :D

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