Silver nitrate and sodium phosphate

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  1. Here's a female plant that only sprayed one top 3 time's when I went 12/12 on photo plant.
    This mixture works so well that you only need to spray top one time if you wanted to.
    1 gram of silver nitrate in 2000 ml of water.
    5 grams of sodium phosphate in 2000 ml of water.
    Then pour silver nitrate in with the sodium phosphate.
    I used this on Jedi glue female to cross the death star female.
    Now I'm doing a S1 this time for female seeds so should get a lot of seeds off the plant.
    Also put another Jedi death star plant in with it to pollinate some of it also so I can have plenty of seeds.
    Here's picture of the male flowers about a week old.

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  2. Well I pollinate the plant 15 days ago and I can see seeds forming pretty well, so another 4 weeks I will have my S-1 seeds.
    The other plant is 4 1/2 weeks into flower and the buds are looking pretty nice, so another 3 1/2 weeks should be done.
    Will post some pictures when I'm done with the project.
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  3. Checking my plant out this morning and had a seed fall out of one of the buds, it will be 5 weeks in 3 days so I probably could go ahead and harvest her but will wait another week when I harvest the plant I didn't pollinate. It's going to be a 8 week flowering time for buds to be done and very dense buds. Will add pictures once I harvest both plants but here's picture of seed that fall out. IMG_20230325_093150850.jpg
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  4. Well what the heck, I will show the pictures, I only vegged the plants for 27 days because the only purpose for them was to use one to get my S-1 seeds and other plant to let people try to see how good the bud is. Very dense buds got 9 more days before harvest, trichomes are already cloudy so will be probably 30 percent amber at harvest. So this is Jedi death star which can not be bought on internet, I got a year in this project. Well having trouble with photos will keep trying.
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  5. 16797548621613011685950744002811.jpg 16797549540142713617848655221487.jpg Pictures
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  6. Drop some knowledge on me please....

    If we use Jedi Death Star as an example since its 'rare' - Lets say you get everything stabilized and you produce a shit ton of seeds. Are you sending samples to labs for testing throughout that creation process? If not, once you get a 'stable' genetic, how many samples do you send off to get tested? I'm trying to better understand genetic variability on secondary metabolites across a preselected strain.

    If one seed pops from the stable group and tests at 30% thc with 3% terpene levels .....will that be consistent across the batches of seeds? if not, how much of a drift?
  7. I don't care anything about testing what I got, it's just for my friends and me and I think it will be better than what they get from the cannabis store.
    It's something I wanted to make and put the time in doing it.
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  8. Ended up with 177 seeds so I guess that's good. 16803880798594986578136789783361.jpg
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  9. 16810569426808083876949325036879.jpg Ended up with 70+ grams of solid buds, so far feed back has been good on it.
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  10. Any seeds in any of the buds other than the one you treated?

    Nice job. Good smoke and 177 additional plants to use and give away.
  11. No there was not no seeds in the other plant that was not pollinated.
    I just sprouted a S-1 seed and will see how she goes.
  12. Nice. How fun!
  13. I did notice it took longer for the seed to sprout, don't know if the shell was harder or what. Usually I get a tail out of a seed in three days but it took 5 days. Could of just be a environment thing I guess not sure but it's up now.
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  14. Do you use hydrogen peroxide during your seed germination stage? I was quite impressed with the results.
  15. No, I've heard about it but really don't know how to do it.
  16. How did you do it when sprouting your seeds with it. I will try it next time to see if it's quicker.
  17. Where did you find your information on silver nitrate and sodium phosphate? I can’t find anything on the web about it, just sn and sodium theosulphate.
  18. It's on YouTube under feminized seeds by FalconX
    Or you can go to the grow journal and find bato of the system's on page 37 he put the YouTube video up yesterday when we was talking about it.
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  19. I got some 3% HP so I put some on a paper towel in a ziplock bag and I will see if the seed sprouts quicker.
  20. Are you smoking the bud you sprayed?!

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