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    Aloha fellow growers. Its almost harvest time for 2 outdoor/organic Silver Haze beauties. This is my first grow since moving back to Hawaii from Amsterdam. I am used to using the complete Advanced Nutrients line but since I just moved back I bought a GH Organic grow box. So far I like em but will eventually go back to AN.
    Wanted your opinion on if I should harvest them. They are both at 58 days and have been flushed. Considering 3-5 more days.
    I have 7 more (midbloom) in 20 gallon pots that I bought for 5 bucks each at Home De"pot" Should be ready for Xmas

    the upclose pics were taken with my Iphone using a 0.67 macro lense

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  2. beautiful plants man. AWesome!

    Looks like quite a few cloudy and so lots of amber should be on its way. id wait till at least 15-25% amber trichs

    its gonna be a bitch to wait but id wait 1-2 more weeks

    they look really great, you certainly could harvest soon just for a more potent smoke id wait a bit

    nice job man wweell done
  3. [quote name='KB Grower']beautiful plants man. AWesome!

    its gonna be a bitch to wait but id wait 1-2 more weeks

    Thanks KB grower

    Well today was the only window I could pull these 2 Silver Haze
    Over the last few days they really went richter and I think yes I could of waited a few more days. We had a little cold spell this past few days and that added a good finishing touch..
    Got them sitting pretty in a humidity/temp controlled pitch dark room then off to the martha stewart 1gal glass jars.
    Will post some more unclose tonight

    I just started giving the ones in mid bloom the Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur 2 part.. Let me tell you.. The stuff is the bomb. A lil more expensive but you see the results..

  4. Nice man id like to see some pics if you get a chance

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