Silver Haze disappointment

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  1. I purchased some seeds of Silver Haze. Germinated and planted. I started LST a little late. They are into the 7th week.Just wanted to know what I did wrong they are only 3 ft high with bud. I thought they were supposed to grow to 7 ft. I have them in a grow tent . With LED grow light. I used bat guano for food. Also one plant looks different than the other. They were feminized seeds

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  2. Maybe your pots are to small .

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  3. I planted them in 5 gallon buckets
  4. Could just be the LST. Hazes do usually grow taller, but they do also have a longer flowering period. So that is probably what’s going on here. Just be patient brother, if that’s a true haze, kick back and relax because it’s gonna be a while. Either way, she seems to be moving along real well, brother. I’d be proud of that at least. :thumbsup:
    Cheers, brother.
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