Silly thing happened to me last night.

Discussion in 'General' started by Buell, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. My husband and I smoked before we headed over to a friends house, We live outside of the the city so we drove on a back road to get there. As we were driving we saw a car in the ditch (lots of snow here) and someone standing next to the car. So we unresponsibly pull over to see if they need help. Once we were able to see the guy, it was the friggin RCMP. He said he didnt need help, but he must of smelled the weed because he leaned right into the car looking everywhere, he said thanks I have someone coming.
    Nothing really happened, but when I am high I get a little wussy about EVERYTHING, so basically I nearly shit my pants. funny after though. heh
  2. whats an rcmp?

    im assuming its some sort of cop . that sucks but sense it sounds like he knew you had bud in the car least he didnt give you a hard time about it .
  3. Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    I guess his horse broke down
  4. I'm not sure what an RCMP is either, but I'm also assuming some kind of officer/security. I'd be pretty scared to, but at the same time, it would take a fairly shitty person to get on someone for weed after they pulled over to help you out of a ditch.
  5. lol - nah, it just ran out of hay :D

  6. one acronym that wasnt a good idea then

    how are we suppose to know what that is . lol..i would of just wrote it out
  7. Or just call them police, because it's part of their long-ass name anyway...or Mountie, because I think most people would recognize that

  8. :laughing:
  9. Sorry i didnt say the whole dealie, we have regular police in the city, but outside the city limits is rcmp-royal canadian mounted police. They deal with the highways and smaller towns, kinda like a sheriff. Although here, they like to ride in jeeps rather than horses. But i think a horse would be pretty fuckin cool!

  10. if a cop tried to bust me on a horse id hit his horse and skurtt using flipplate


    there are no cameras on the horse are there? :)
  11. Plate flipper!Thats an awesome idea

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