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Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Nov 23, 2001.

  1. Hi members!

    A silly question perhaps, we are quite experiencing ridicilous ammounts of orders from the US, but what is the general attitude of buying pipes and bongs online in the US, I mean is their a big market for bongs and pipes online, what are my biggest competitors? What do you consider a good online headshop? How many smokers are there in the USA anyway?? Enlight me, I would love to hear from you as USA tokers. Thanks!


  2. hey,
    There are a lot of people ordering from you guys because you have very good prices. Yes there are a lot of stoners in the US.
  3. well look at it like this ,the older smokers like joints more from my point of veiw and some keep blows, younger smokers like bowls and bongs the glass bowls look cool to the newer smokers ,the hiden bowls ,the sneak a tokes are liked for low visabled! younger kid like bong but they have the lungs for them!if i were you i would ask a few old guys and a few younger smokers and see what they like ,papers 1.25 jobs ,zig zag! as for bowls and pipes i quit useing them years ago!good luck tazz11
  4. If you could have some really outstandingly phat glass shit I'd order from you. But right now I can just go down to my local headshop for a better selection and prices. If I was you I'd look for some really crazy glass pipes and bongs, like nicer stuff than you can find down the street.
  5. Sj from what I can recall, at least 40% of the country has tried MJ, but only 2-3% are active. So out of 275 million population, that means 8 million smokers. Just a rough guess, but i would say that number is low and at least 25 million smoke at some point now.
  6. god damn man thats got to be the best god damn thing ive herd yet on any web site so far !someone is useing their head for more than a hat rack!bpp i tip my hat to you !your right on the money! and if he tragets the gropes within that 20 million !with what they want he could have great sales! this would say not so much as haveing lots of stuff as haveing the stuff the smokers want well be his best bet! get 12lbs glass is out but nice glass bowls a few ,higher glass bongs and pipes! some good papers ,papers at the cost you get them stock good kinds in bulk and the others keep in low stock any way so we have a chose !bpp made a great post a lot of smokers are not in the webs as i wasnt fo 29 years,sounds like a unherd market to me!unherd but are they a market? only a good sale rep in creative addvertising could till you ,and one just did! tazz11
  7. I tell you what I like in an on-line sales layout, SJ. Go to and check out how they present their merchandise and layout. I love the way their on-line catalog is presented and the way you can scroll up and down to compare products rather than hitting page #'s and the back button. Price-wise, A-hydro is comparable to others, but ease of shopping, product layout, and shipping time make them the best on-line hydro store in my opinion.
  8. i dont know if ive been there but thanks bpp i am going to check it out now ! thanks man!
  9. Oh some cool shotguns would be really neat too. I always just see plain utilitarian shotguns... Basically anything you can get that isn't found all over the web would sell really well I think.
  10. some what! but its more like if the bowl sucks you dont want to come back again to the same company and if you can shop easy at one location why go to others! i ve been to many sites that you have to pick threw page by page , thats fucked up! as one of the other replys said! good and easy site shoping can help sales its a fact!varity is the spice of life ,but to back stock unwanted inventory can bankrup a company quicker than taxes!the goverment just talked about taxing web site sales in the u.s.!that proves my point!and yes you ve add a good point to with so many other sites out there ?what can you give us we cant get at the other sites!smiles faces wont cut it!go with high tech addvertiseing thats proven it self time and time again! easy, simple,and stright forward in your face shoping ,the shopers of to day know what they want show them they can come to your site and shop with out all the sales shit !and add free shiping on small items and theyll come back again and again!good luck tazz11

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