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  1. Ok this was 1-2 month ago.So I smoke 3-4 bowls of marijuana in my room and I go to the bathroom to take a shit.Once I was done taking a shit I looked in the mirror and totally spaced out for about 10 minutes just standing and staring in the mirror.I then hear a knock on the door and it was my big sister so she said "what are you doing".I said "I'm peeing". She said " No your not" . I said "uh yea i am". She said " no your not your staring at the mirror". The door was locked right, and so I was fucked up and was thinking the worst and how the fuck does she know I was staring at the mirror. So I opened the door and asked her how did she know. She said she went outside and for some fucking reason she looked out the small bathroom window and saw me just staring at the mirror. Then I playfully hit her and call her a asshole and we both laughed and i went back to my room and played some COD 4.I dont think she knew I was high at the time.But my whole family know I smoke weed cause i got caught in school.

    This is my first Thread and this is a great website.
  2. Haha why wouldn't you just tell her you were taking a shit? That's so much more believable than a piss.

    That's fucking weird of her though... to go outside and look into the bathroom window.
  3. Haha omg I feel just like you right now :smoke:
  4. lmao .

    thats kinda creepy :p
  5. Lol spacing out is quite an experience, I kinda like it when I have those kind of highs :rolleyes:

    Yeah my parents know I smoke weed, they don't like the fact that I do but we're on a neutral basis, we don't talk about it and as long as I don't smoke in the house they're pretty much chill.
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    Same deal with my mum.

    Op: I did that kinda thing staring at my friends bathroom window - it has leaves and shit all embossed on the glass, I come back 20 minutes later and he's convinced I bashed in his bathroom xD
  7. Spacing out is the shit lol. One time i went to fill my bong with water at 4:15 getting ready for a 4:20 packing. I went into the bathroom, turned on the hot water and sat down on my closed toilet waiting for it to get hot. I then decided to RUN downstairs to get some food too. I came back upstairs with the water still on and its almost boiling hot lol. I fill it, run into my room, and look at the clock. Its 4:47 lolol. I took a packing of dank purp anyways :smoking:
  8. Cool story bro. I still want to know why your sister was checking you out in the bathroom..

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