"Silent Hill"

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  1. I Didnt see a Movie section so I put it here..
    Silent Hill" Now then...This was a shocking movie from the get go..if you've never seen it I will try too not
    spoil anything..

    heres a List of the movies I think even come close...

    Silent Hill" -By Far at the top...
    Event Horizon"- its got its parts...
    Saw1-Saw2- fair movies but im not into just torturing people...not my kinda movie..but on gorr it was fair..

    if you've seen Event Horizon you know that is a very graphic movie also..but like I said...silent hill Takes the cake.. Most movies When something very Horrific happns it will sorta flash or barley show you a image of how horrific it really is like You see a guy gettin wasted then it flash's and the scenes done,
    This is the exact opposite of this movie...it says hey wanna see some messed up stuff? .. lol Well if your Into these kinds of movies.. then Id sugjest seeing it..but it is really gory...so if you cant handle stuff like ehh...hmm...

    If you've ever playd the games silent hill you know who Pyramid Head" is.. also known as "The Exacutioner" this demon is in the movie...heres a slight picture of him...its a movie still...
    This movie Did Step acouple Lines In my opinion..but after reading alot of the movie script and what the Director was going for..I Understand why he made it so horrific..he said he wanted it like the game.. well he got that down pretty easily..

    This was one of the Only movies that actually made me get alittle ancy in my seat..moving around during parts that gave me freakin goose bumps... this movie really did step the lines of movie making...and movies will follow in its place...no war movie or horror movie has gone this far before..

  2. silent hill was gory as fuck. Pink Oddity referred to it as a goregasm(haha) and it lived up to what she talked about

    my friends were pissed and said it sucked but i enjoyed it. I have a kind of sick sense of humor though. When the little demon girl is dancing in the blood shower i was laughing hysterically hahaha she was just skipping around in it having fun
    although, they also couldnt understand the ending(maybe my friend are just morons...hmm yeh lets go with that)

    for 5.50 i enjoyed myself quite a bit watching that movie
  3. dude that movie was fucking sweet.

    anyone here every seein high tension?
  4. Ya i watched it yesterday. Very good, muy goregasmo.
  5. finally someone that appreciates event horizon!! they never even show it on tv anymore. Unedited, it's a freaky ass movie, but i loved it. I wish i could understand it but i have a thing for GOOD scary movies. Saw and Saw 2 were alright, but didn't do anything for me, ya know? i need a real fucked up plot and some twisted director to get my kicks at the movies. I'm real psyched for silent hill now. never played the game or anything, but it looks damn good. i love twisted shit. there really aren't enough GOOD scary movies out there
  6. ahhh!! SAW and SAW II are absolutely amazing movies.... i cant wait for SAW 3
  7. I saw Silent Hill, I didn't think it was that gorey...the part with all the barbed wire wrapping around that religous lady was pretty savage, but that's about all I remember. I think I was SO much more intensely stoned than I thought when I saw that movie, because I can barely remember any of it.
  8. I wanted to go see it but no one wanted to go.
  9. Feanor..Do you Honestly not remember...*Spoiler*

    the poor chick who threw the rock at the witch lady...being skinned alive by Pyramid Head on the church steps? by far the goriest part of the movie...
  10. that part made me laugh.......I............am..........Ann...a......hahahhahahahaahah
  11. Ya man i def wanna see that movie. Ive played all the games and LOVED the second one. The first time i played the 2nd one, i got a headache from being scared so much. I was younger then...
  12. TokinBlue? Who said "I Am Anna?" Surly not Pyramid Head??? didnt hear him say anything the whole movie? was it the mother ?
  13. nooooo back when they first met her. Anna was the name of the girl that got her skin ripped off. i was just laughing at how she talked i guess :smoke:
  14. LoL I get ya now...yea..I kinda felt alittle sorry for her lol...whats funny is this is what was runnin threw my mind when Pyramid head pickd her up..

    Oh no the monster's caught her! hows she gonna get away! whos going too save her! like in all the other cheesy movies, some guy comes breakin threw the window and saves her...then....ScerrrrRip.....then he even throws it against the church doors...I swear too god ive never had my jaw drop like that before...thats why I loved this movie so...its crossed the lines of film making...:smoking:

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