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  1. I've been a member for a bit and can normally sort myself out with finding information on here but am struggling on this one!
    I've recently moved and now my grow really needs to be as quiet as possible!
    I've made a tent 3 ft h x 2 ft w x 2.5 ft d and with a 250w HID- I pretty confident that with different bulbs I can pop a couple o autos in there no probs.
    But my 4" inline is gonna give me away- the layout is filter- 2ft duct- fan - 2ft duct - home made silencer ( which I built using this forum and really takes the whoosh out of the out put- fantastic)
    The fan is wrapped in a big quilt and packed in with loads of cloths but it's still quite noisy and the same in the tent as well!

    Have I got everything in the right order? And would another silencer before the fan help?

    Really need some help on this cos I really miss growin and smokin the best weed I ever smoked!

    The pictures are of my tent from the outside- behind the guitars and of how much duct shows inside

    Cheers guys

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    Try these fans:
    Yate Loon Low Speed 120mm Fan (28dBa, 47CFM) at Xoxide!
    I had a box with 8-12 of them on at at time and the faint buzzing of my refrigerator drowned them out. Plus they're really cheap and move a good amount of air.

    With the screw holes they can easily be put together in a grid either side by side to move a wall of air across the space or end to end if you need them to exhaust through a duct or something. Doubt you'll be able to move more air than this with less noise.

    Another good one that's 60% quieter but more expensive:
  3. I've used a 150cfm panasonic whisperfan to cool a 400w hps pretty easily, with filter. They're dead silent and run about 130$

    also straight, hard metal ducting will be quieter then the accordion stuff.
  4. insulate the ducting... you've insulated the fan and the silencer is awesome... but sound is escaping threw the ducting... its a simple fix.. home depot and lowes carry's the insulated ducting for 35 bucks for 50 feet... unless your going to insulate yourself that's the best your going to get...

    my money is on this stopping the noise to an acceptable level

  5. This will make a huge difference. As mentioned above, try to only use the creased ducting where you need to make a sharp turn, straight smooth ducting elsewhere, much quieter.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions- I'm on a budget of nothing at the moment so insulting the rest of the ducting is gonna be my best (cheapest hahaha) option. Old pillows, duct tape and bin bags I have so I'll get in it and post a reply- incase anyone else needs to be 99.9% stealth- I think am not the only one!

    My friend uses both those fans and I can confirm they are sooooo quiet- if you got the cash then go for em!

    Cheers again- just got the forum app and it's like a portable wealth of knowledge that I can't stop reading hahaha
  7. I stretched out all the ducting and insulated it really well but you can still hear so to plan b which is to move it in to the attic- bit worried about thermal cameras but I've had a read around and don't think 250w is gonna be a problem.

    So, question answered- you can't go 100 percent stealth with an line fan- close to but not enough for my situation- cheers for the advice again guys- gonna leave it all insulated when it goes to the attic!
  8. Top advice with insulating and stretching it.
    If you are worried about cameras they sell some sort of military style mylar-like film that protects you from it. My hydro shop can get it at cost for $400 for 100m. I would say about $5-6 a metre once he adds his profit. I will be using this stuff soon and covering my entire attic at some point. With 250w you will be ok, it's not much heat. Maybe position the tent above a heat source so that it camouflages with it. Good luck.

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