silence, not silocone!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. its the hemmoriage in my head that not helping now. running cable? the city is tearing down the halls the lunitics run in at maybe a 1.23K? yeah and the voice of reason cant rant like the way i cant find a noice smoke dome. so then I keep hearing that sound when I want to, but its never really there and then when I need the quiet, all it is brling brlings! AIM mesgahes awaits your ass like I need to be talking to evereyone at this moments at this time, i mean i dont have to channel them to my head. the song will take them there.
    its not about me or I its about we and she and gettig high is this coeerct. cause I wont stand corrected. unless its a walk of famethat was walked down before and burned down before. ill take that trip anyday but not before I seek the rollercoaster of life, being high as hell. love. feeling. high. love roller. coasters. high.. like they lets gets get high soberly like that see but lets do it smokey stoney. hahahahahhaha. i love it. like the girls. like em? love em? lick em!! hahaha. yeah, why not man this tent thing bette not get to big snakeeyes like movies put words into my head, so lets keeeeeep the stalking, the pot smoking and the food craze with the buring pubes and tr4ashcans a blaze. light the Js off that!!! there you go Voice of reason. fire em up, the light a nice fatty one right off her crotch. i can see it so clearly now, its like the voices are painting pictures using my dead cells watered down enough to use on canvas. what bitch. I gots something to do important, so reae and reae on. like you dont think the same thing.
  2. indeed the worlds scum huddle under an overpass with a burning barrel, much like the homeless, but much not like the homeless, with their flaming cans of hate and manipulation, incenerating the very joints of happiness they have stolen from you, smoking them in your face, dancing their happy dance...dancing their fake happy dance, letting you see who they truly are, and then blinking, only to realize that it was yet another pile of bullshit on the plains of life...
  3. and i find myself stairing out at these
    desolet soles dieing for the false warmthof there
    tv screen hands that never warm
    harts are always torn
    and when the shoes dont have soles
    how can the man
    beneith the overpass
    waiting for the day
    life no longer passes by

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