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  1. Hi all, first post on here I believe have been trolling and finally decided to start posting here.

    So here's whats going on with this grow and the events that led me to start experimenting and thinking that there is ways of growing that we have yet discovered that may work better than methods we have now.

    Started with a normal enough grow I had going in my spare bathroom with about 15 plants in party cups and two in slightly bigger pots. Things came up I decided to ditch the grow, shut the lights off and never went back in for about 2-3 weeks.

    I finally go in one day and after 2-3 weeks of complete darkness and no water I find that two plants seem to be alive (although not very alive lol). I thought wow they deserve a chance to keep on truckin if they can make it.

    Here are some pics of the two shortly after I started to care for them again. Lost almost all leaves ones they dead have were very "bleached"


    I put them outside as I figure natural sunlight would be there best bet at recovery and they slowly did start to recover and begin some new growth. Then noticed something interested where all the leave had died off lots of new groth was coming from those nodes.

    They plants quickly started to rebound and grow vigorously. They kept progressing into flowering. I supposed they was not getting enough direct sunlight through the day for them to reveg. At this point I thought it best to bring them back inside under a 400w hps for 20/4 cycle so they would revege and get a little bigger before flowering.

    So I replanted them into some 5 gal buckets and brought them inside and under a 400w hps on a 20/4 cycle. They quickly began to grow like crazy at which point i decided to "supercrop" them essentially and snapped them over to a 90 degree angle to keep them from getting to high. Well this seem to invigorate growth even more.

    Now coupled between all these factors, the new growth from lost fan leaves at the nodes, all the "flowering" growth that went reveg, the supercrop etc. These plants are turning our crazy. I wish I could take good enough pictures and will try soon of all the various growth that is hiddin within the canopy.

    Here are some pics of them only 23 days after the pics above of them on their death beds.

    couple days ago

    ...and from today

    ...Notice the crazy amount of various growth at the tops

    I'am putting them back on a 12/12 cycle starting 2 moro. I am curious to see how the re-flowering effects growth on the reveg'd growth that already exists. From looking at the way all the growth is structured from within (cant really see in pics) I believe that these plants will produce some massive buds far more than if they was grown with any other normally used methods we have now.

    Time will only tell but should be interested to see how these girls turn out after all they have been through, 2-3 weeks of darkness and no water, loosing almost all growth, starting flower then reveging then back to flower, supercropping etc...

    if it turns out the way Im thinking though should prove my theory that a mixture of selected branch cutting to promote new growth, forcing flowering long enough to get the flowering growth going, then reveging all that growth for a short time before flowering a final time can set up a branch,node structure that will support and produce very large dense buds.

    BTW this was all done with plan tap water at who knows what PH, in Miracle Grow moisture control potting mix and thats it lol.

    PLease feel free to add any comments, suggestions, questions etc. Thanks.
  2. Wow.... nothing at all? hrmm
  3. wow figured I would get more response than this... pretty sad actually lol
  4. Sik, nice plants you've got there. They have been on quite a journey. They've been living large, and now they are looking large. Those plants look like they want to flower so badly that they ache with desire.


    Monday is a quiet day. Keep on keeping on, buddy.
  5. Wow, that's a pretty amazing story there. I can't believe how they came back with such vigor. It will be interesting to see the yield when flowering is done. Hopefully they wont herm. on you. Scribed.
  6. Thanks guys, I was worried about them going herm on me from all the stress as well, but the started to flower with no signs of herm, and I put them back into veg with no problems. Today is their first day of 12/12 to put them back into flower. Will be watching closely for any signs of hermies but Im not anticipating it if they havnt done by now.

    Yes its amazing what they have done in only 23 days, I also look forward to seeing how the produce with the abnormal growth structure they have.
  7. Got any updated pics?
  8. I will post up some pics tonight if not, for sure 2 moro.. Putting them back under 12/12 seemed to sprout evenmore growth. No main growth tips exist anymore but more like a mass of growth tips together lol.
  9. Some updated pics, really would like to trim these girls up some to allow more light penetration just dunno if I really wanna do it or not lol... Will give them a little longer before I decide to trim or not.

  10. Holy crap! Those are the bushiest plants I've seen in a long time. How's your PH? They seem to be a bit droopy.

    I don't even know where you would begin to trim those beauties.

    Man, I have a feeling you're going to yield a lot of bud from those.
  11. Lol, thanks man they are VERY dense and bushy. I dont even monitor PH man, straight out the tap into the bucket with he Miracle grow. Im one of those "prove you can grow kickass stuff without all the advanced methods and materials etc".

    The was droopy due to needing water, they are very perky now. Im going to get in there somehow and find a way to thin them out a little bit lol. Will update again soon.
  12. Updates??????
  13. Well shit. Pretty sure this journal is dead now. I was really looking forward to the outcome. If you are still keeping it going them PM me please. Until then Im gonna have to delete from my subscriptions. :( Too many to keep track of.

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