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  1. who hear likes Sigur Ros, i really like them. icelandic is some thing i really wanna lurn...any one els hear think so to?
  2. never heard of them, just did a search on neo-napster and got alot of hits, what's a good first listen by them?
  3. Svefn-G-Englar very good song
  4. cool, thanx man.Now if neo-napster will only dl it in less than a months time I'll give it a listen
  5. no prob, just to let u know it IS a 10min song
  6. amazingly enough it didn't take long to DL at all. I like it btw, it's really soothing , yet haunting at the same time. Thanx for giving me something new and different to listen too.
  7. no prob man, BTW hears what they look like..and hear are the lyrics to that song in both icelandic and englis...


    Ég Er Kominn Aftur
    Inn I Þig
    Það Er Svo Gott Að Vera Hér
    En Stoppa Stutt Við
    Eg Flýt Um I Neðarsjávar Hýði
    A Hóteli Beintengdur Við Rafmagnstöfluna Og Nærist
    Tjú Tjú
    En Biðin Gerir Mig Leiðan - Brot Hættan Sparka Frá Mér
    Og Kall A - Verð Að Fara – Hjálp
    Tjú Tjú
    Eg Spring Ut Og Friðurinn I Loft Upp
    Baðaður Nýju Ljósi
    Eg Græt Og Eg Græt – Aftengdur
    Onýttur Heili Settur A Brjóst
    Og Mataður Af Svefn-G-Englum

    and englis:

    I'm Here Again
    Inside You
    It's So Good Staying Here
    But I Stay A Short While
    I Float Around In Underwater Hibernation
    In A Hotel Connected To The Electricity Board And Nourishing
    But The Wait Makes Me Uneasy – I Kick The Fragility Away
    And Shout – I Have To Go - Help
    I Explode Out And The Peace Is Gone
    Bathed In New Light
    I Cry And I Cry - Disconnected
    A Ruined Brain Put On Breasts
    And Fed By Sleepwalkers

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  8. I'm not that hot on Sigur ros but are more than pleased with Björk.

  9. me to, but i like them both the same
  10. i really think its crazy is that he plays his getar with a bow(not sure what kind tho)

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  11. I had the wonderful opportunity to see this band live a week and a half ago. I have to say that it was the most amazing show I have ever been to. It was in a fairly large theater, and it was still the most intimate setting I could have imagined. Everyone just chilled to the music. There was one moment in the show where the song stopped. For like 30 seconds. But in a crowded room, 30 seconds is a fucking eternity!

    Their light show is beautiful too. If you want a totally cerebral experience, go see Sigur Ros.

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