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  1. Hey guys, I wasn't sure exactly what forum to put this in, so I stuck it here.

    Basically, i am wondering how to put sigs on. This forum is different than other forums i frequent, so i am at a loss as to where the sig option is located.

    Before i get bashed for not using the search, I made a thread specifically because I also have another question.

    I have 2 sigs of the same picture. One is just a normal .jpg, very small file size.
    The other has a scrolling background, and is about 140kb in .gif format.

    My question is, would the scrolling sig be acceptable? its a large filesize as far as sigs go, and i don't want to slow any of the pages down with it.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. no clue about the rolling sigs

    BUT to add a sig, go to the User CP button next to FAQ and click edit signature

    if its a picture than upload it to a website and load it up there and use the internet code for it
  3. Oh wow i must be blind, i swore i looked through that whole panel and saw nothing...yet it was right at the top.

    thanks for the help, and until i get a definite answer i will just leave it as the still picture

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