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  1. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of what i like to call "signs". I live in Charlotte, NC and haven't been happy for a long time, I've lived here for 13 years. It's nothing against the city itself, it's just that I don't feel like i ever fit in. I've been clinically depressed for about 3 years and had dreams of moving out to California(Los Angeles area). Ever since I've thought about moving there I just see the number 420 everywhere I go, on clocks, on the television, on billboards, on license plates, etc. Also I just dream about California all the time. I want to take these as signs that someone is telling me to move out to California. I'm not a very religious person but I see stuff that relates to LA everywhere, not only the 420 number, just I see different parts of the city and beaches on my tv when i'm flipping through channels or just turn on the television in the Morning or I hear about the city on the radio. It may just bee all coincidences and because I'm looking for them, but I notice about 10 things a day that remind me of LA(I went to visit about a month ago). I have convinced myself I need to move there, but I'm a 18 year old college student, and a little worried about finances, but I firmly believe if I get out there I will make it, because I will never stop trying.

    Anyways thats just me... Anyone else feel free to post anything similar or what you have experience with certain "signs" or "signals".
  2. I think people find signs in anything they want. I'm not saying that you aren't meant to be there but your mind comes up with things to trick you.

    I know I've been waiting for a package for weeks and it's stuck somewhere with the USPS. Now I've had two tests this week and I would imagine if I got it earlier this week I would not have studied and I would have broken out the bong and tested out my new stuff. So today is my first day without a test and I have nothing to do all weekend so I have told myself that is a "sign." And that maybe it will come today because it is "meant" to come today.

    Basically end of the topic is that I would wait until you have some kind of financial stability to go there or transfer to a college there if you'd like. Just have a clear plan of "survival" if you do go there. You don't want to get stuck there with no money and end up miserable then you'll be mad at all your signs.
  3. Do this: count the number of times you see places other than CA represented in a day. Take notice to numbers other than 420.

    This is your subconscious mind pointing out what you want to see. It's not a sign. As soon as you start focusing on other numbers, and other locales, you'll see that. I'm willing to bet you see ads/representations of other locations just as many times as you do ones for CA if you're willing to take notice.

    If all else fails, and you don't want to believe what I'm saying, take a listen to some of Terence McKenna's talks on synchronicity.

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