signs of "lung infection" ? or something..

Discussion in 'General' started by sleepyhouse, May 28, 2009.

  1. weeeeell lately i have been having trouble breathing, and i have been coughing and it sounds a little congested and today my throat is sore too

    im fairly new to weed, but i was introduced to cigarettes about 2 weeks ago, and have been smoking 1 a day since then..

    im just wondering how would i know if i have a lung infection and what i could do to make it better, cause i cant go to a doctor

    pleease help me out hahah

  2. unless you smoked moldy weed you shouldn't be worried.

    But take it from me, quit cigs now.
  3. yeah i know that cigarettes are gross, and i havent done one since monday because of this whole little problem

    what happens if you smoke moldy weed..?
  4. lots could happen. from being irritaded to, in extremely rare cases, death.
  5. well thats not good.. hopefully i didnt smoke moldy weed then
    im thinking its from the cigarettes though, because im a small person and from going to never smoking in my life to smoking one a day is a pretty big change. i just dont know what to do about it, cant see a doctor
  6. I'm sure you're fine. Virgin lungs and all, you've probably just irritated your respiratory system. Stop smoking for a few days, if things don't get better, find someway to get to a doctor, just to be safe.
  7. may i ask why you can't see a docta
  8. 420gamer4life: I can understand not being able to see a doctor. Personally, I'm uninsured and it would be way, way out of my budget to even get a check up right now. I'm not saying that's his problem but that's what I assumed.
  9. alright, thanks for the advice :eek:
  10. oh, forgit about the money aspect, my bad
  11. i cant see a doctor because of this whole thing with my parents
  12. Well, doctor-patient confidentiality says your doctor can't tell your parents shit after your over 18, unless you've been deemed mentally unfit
  13. true, but they would have to pay for it cause i dont have the money, so they would ask me questions and stuff
    and i dont know, i just dont want to deal with it i guess
  14. If you have a funny taste in your mouth when you cough, you cough up cloudy white or yellow stuff, and sometimes your breath is bad for no reason, you have an infection.
  15. oh, thankyou! :)
    i should be good then, maybe my lungs are just a little irritated or something then
  16. irritation, the little particles in the smoke trigger allergies which cause your throat to swollen up and shit. I had a friend that smokes weed but can't smoke cigs without having the worst sorethroat ever. Its not the actual smoke causing the reaction, its the impurities, the burnt little debris and stuff being sucked in

  17. thanks so much !

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