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signs of hermies?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by hdcruiser07, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Where the pistols come out at the base of the pistols is it normal for these to swell up during flowering?I recently grew some haze and bhd and believe they both hermed on me.
    What is the first signs of hermie?
    Anyone plz.
  2. The base of the pistol will swell, it's called a callyx.

    A hermie usally starts out looking completely female and then you will see a pollen sack develope amongst the calyx's.

    Looks like a little tiny banana :)

    Hermies are rare dude, seriously.
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    well I had a blue him diesel and a haze which were both auto's and not only did the callyx swell but there here many more just like it.
    isnt the bud actually bunches of these so called callyx,s which form the bud or is that incorrect.Because even the main cola which had these ,I opened one up and there was this tiny ,tiny little seed.
    I ended up cutting them down and drying a couple weeks before the actuall harvest time but it seems the bhd is not to bad at all.
    I really do hope the other 5 power skunks didnt get pollinated from the hermie .I never did see anything that looked anything like bananas though.
    I will see if I can get some pics to show.Its hard with no pics.

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  4. In the words of Aaron Neville: I don't know much, but I know that's no hermie, and that may be all I need to know :)

    Those swollen sacks are totally normal man. Shame you butchered the last crop early. Good luck with the current grow.

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